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Our Stories

This place means a lot to us.

Northland has changed the lives of many people and has had a profound impact on all of us over the years—whether it be current students, alumni, or members of the broader Chequamegon Bay community. With so many connections come a deep love for this place and its people, which is why we want to hear from YOU: why Northland?

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There are many ways to support Northland right now. Spreading the word about this urgent fundraising appeal helps broaden our reach, and sharing how important Northland is to YOU helps support our little college on the big lake.

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    Finding a Sustainable Path

    Northland College is embarking on a final, good-faith effort to remain open beyond the current academic year. On Thursday, April 4, 2024, Northland College’s Board…

    Finding a Sustainable Path
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