For the last fifteen years, REFund, a student-administered grant program, has funded a long list of pretty cool projects designed to enhance sustainability and increase energy efficiency on campus. Northland College students contribute to this program through student fees—$40 per semester—and with their ideas and hard work.

Composting Buckets in the dorms. (2015)

Man working on timber frame building
Repurpose of timber frame building. (2015)

Northland students playing frisbee golf
Campus Nine Hole Disc Golf Course. (2014)

Revitalization of the MELLC Greenhouse. (2014)

Student with clothes line
Eight new clotheslines. (2013)

Northland College student working on bike.
Sunshine Community Bike Shoppe storage addition and accessories. (2012)

stuent planting garden
Expansion of campus gardens. (2009)

student vending machine
Sustainable vending machines. (2009)

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