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COO Karl Solibakke Named College’s 15th President

Northland College President Marvin Suomi Steps Down

The Northland College Board of Trustees announced today that Marvin Suomi has resigned his position as president of the College to focus on health issues. Additionally, the board announced that Dr. Karl Solibakke, previously Northland’s chief operating officer, has been named the 15th president of the College. “The board wholeheartedly supports Marvin’s decision to devote

Northland College student Lauren Sloyer

Finding a Deep Personal Connection to Place

The first time I visited Wisconsin, it was to tour Northland College shortly after I graduated high school. After a few hours spent walking around campus in the cold, gray May rain, I decided to officially enroll. After a few hours spent driving the monotonous interstate back to Kansas, I felt intense buyer’s remorse, tempered

Birkie skiers

From Grief, Comes Joy

Norgaard Family Create Legacy Fund for Bjorn '10

Some of you say, ‘Joy is greater than sorrow,’ and others say, ‘Nay, sorrow is the greater.’ But I say unto you, they are inseparable. Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed. —Kahlil Gibran Eight years after twenty-three-year-old Bjorn Norgaard

Wolf hunting, captured on trail camera, Maxwell Property

A History with Wolves

Wolf Awareness Week

Roughly 43 years ago, wildlife biologists detected evidence of breeding wolves in the state for the first time in decades. At that time, wolves had been considered extirpated from the state since 1960, and the only gray wolves remaining in the lower 48 were found in northeastern Minnesota. Today, there is a stable population distributed

Instructor Kate Ullman teaches class.

Northland Named Number One in Sustainable Curriculum

One of the smallest and most remote colleges in Wisconsin has been named the top performer in sustainable curriculum. Northland College, located at the tip of the state near Lake Superior and with a student body of 600, was named first in sustainable curriculum by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

Joel Glickman strums his banjo

The Sound of Outdoor Music    

Retired Professor of Music Joel Glickman

One of the last things I got to do before my recent retirement from teaching music at Northland College was to take a group of students, each weekday in May, to some outdoor locale within the city limits. And in places like the bicycle and pedestrian tunnel beneath Highway 2, we would set up and do

Northland College student Mya Simon

Stolen Sisters on Lake Superior

10,000 Native American Women Reported Missing

When I stepped on the campus of Northland College in the fall of 2018, I walked softly. Leaving my homeland in New Mexico was a drastic change, but like many students, I made the journey for an education. Entering college for the first time, I expected labs, lectures, and libraries. I didn’t expect that so

Two Northland College students walking downtown

The Art and Design of Walkable Cities

For my work at the Center for Rural Communities I have traveled all over the north woods. In between oversized plaster animals and a surprising number of bigfoot’s hometowns, CRC staff and I take the time to inventory the historic downtowns of rural communities across our region. We take note of the kinds of businesses,

Award-Winning Ojibwe Author to Speak at Northland College

Novelist Linda LeGarde Grover

Novelist and short story writer Linda LeGarde Grover says she hopes to create a space for Native women through her literature. Grover will be reading from her most-recent novel, In the Night of Memory, about a Native woman who has been missing since the late 1970s, Wednesday, October 9 at 7 p.m. at the Sigurd


Binational Commission Hears Concerns About The Great Lakes

International Joint Commission Listens As Campus and Community Detail Issues Threatening Water Quality

Climate change, algal blooms and pollution from a variety of sources were highlighted as chief concerns among roughly 200 community members who shared their views on issues impacting water quality on the Great Lakes at a public meeting held by the International Joint Commission. The event Wednesday hosted at Northland College in Ashland was among