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What the Climate’s ‘New Normal’ Is Doing to Lake Superior

Minnesota has shoreline on only one Great Lake, but it happens to be the greatest: largest, clearest, coldest and, until recently, seemingly least vulnerable to various environmental afflictions elsewhere in the five-lake basin. The world’s biggest lake by surface area, Superior happens to hold one-tenth of the fresh water on the face of the Earth.

IJC-Val Presentation

How’s the Weather? Well, it’s complicated.

Midwestern Past Time Takes a Serious Turn as Storms Increase

We love to talk about weather in the Midwest. At work or the grocery store, small talk almost always begins with, “How much snow did you get?” or “What did you think of the wind howling last night?” or, my favorite, “Cold enough for you?” This banter, however, has taken on a more serious tone

Coach Greg Gilmore

The True Joys of Coaching

The greatest part of being a college coach is getting to work with student athletes during one of the biggest developmental stages of their lives. I moved from Bennington, Vermont, to Ashland last April to become the Northland College men’s soccer coach, which means I’ve been here long enough for my family and friends to

Mary Griggs Burke Center Operations Manager Val Damstra

KBJR6: A Changing Lake

Large Storms Creating Issues for Lake Superior According to Study

ASHLAND, WI– Larger than normal storms over the last several years are causing issues for Lake Superior, according to a group of researchers at Northland College in Ashland. Researchers there released a study on Tuesday breaking down the impact climate change has on the lake and what issues it’s causing. “Since 2012 we have experienced

Aerial shot of river flowing through Highway 2, following June 2018 storm

DNT: Storms, Erosion and Algae Blooms Part of ‘New Normal’ for Lake Superior, Report Says

Northland College Report Says Climate Change is Spurring Unusual Results for Big Lake

Increasingly larger storms, more frequent heavy rains and higher water levels — likely spurred by global climate change — are not only roiling the waters of Lake Superior but also damaging the big lake’s water quality. That’s the analysis of a “white paper’’ report released Tuesday by researchers at Northland College’s Mary Griggs Burke Center


WPR: Report Recommends Rewrite of Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

White Paper Suggest More Holistic Approach to Water Quality Management

A new report from Northland College in Ashland recommends that the United States and Canada rewrite its principal agreement that provides a framework for improving water quality on the Great Lakes. The white paper released Tuesday by the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation at Northland College highlights water quality concerns on Lake Superior

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Science with Heart

Emma Holtan Attends Reciprocal Healing Confluence

Emma Holtan chose to study water science because water is life. And through that lens, she has explored all that the liberal arts has to offer. In addition to working as a researcher at the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation and taking Limnology, she is pursuing a minor in women and gender studies

Growing Connections

The Radical Act of Cooking Real Food

From Farm to Table and Beyond

When I hear people start to despair about the state of the world, I tell them to come and meet my students. I teach in a block called Growing Connections that blends science, literature, and field experiences around the themes of food and agriculture. One of the goals of this course is to get students

Northland College staff Stacy Craig

A Deeper Life Because of Northland

I started as the internship coordinator at Northland College nine-years ago, and at the time, I planned to develop a program modeled on other colleges’ career centers. I researched job growth and hiring trends. I read reports about top internship programs. I related all of this to students, and again and again, they told me

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Erik’s Semester in Japan

6 Films To Get You Started

History major Erik Stansaas attended Kansai Gaidai University (KGU) in Hirakata, Japan, in the spring of 2019 as part of a sister school agreement between Northland College and KGU. He is the third Northland student to participate in the program. He spent his weekends taking the 200mph bullet train to see parks and historical landmarks including Nara, filled