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The Metropole: Mickey Spillane’s Hell of a Town

By Brian Tochterman, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Community Development Across the banner of The Metropole as I write spans the George Washington Bridge, the majestic and modern steel link between the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan and the city of Fort Lee, New Jersey, although those…  Read More

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SA: Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns?

By Jeremy Adam Smith, Scientific American Since the 2008 election of President Obama, the number of firearms manufactured in the U.S. has tripled, while imports have doubled. This doesn’t mean more households have guns than ever before—that percentage has stayed fairly steady for decades. Rather,…  Read More

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Northland College alum Tina Ramme in the field in Kenya

Conserving Big Cats

Large cat conservationist Tina M. Ramme ’90 is currently the director of The Center for Lion Conservation and Research in Kenya and is the president of the Lion Conservation Fund. Since initiating this program in 2006, not one lion has been killed by retribution—one of…  Read More

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Northland College alum Patricia E. Ortman, class of 1971

A Lifetime of Empowering Girls and Women

Why shouldn’t a girl have a pair of sneakers? That’s the question Dr. Patricia E. Ortman ’71, a Washington DC-based retired women’s studies professor and artist, pondered in 2006 before she founded the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, the only nonprofit organization in Ethiopia using the national…  Read More

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Alpha sigma women of 1968

Standing on the Right Side of History

When Laurel “Johnnie” Fisher ‘72 was looking for colleges, she went to the Internet of her time—the incredibly thick and heavy 1967 version of Barron’s List of American Colleges and Universities. Her only criteria: that she experience another part of the country. So, she closed her eyes,…  Read More

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Northland College student Abby Keller and National Park Service mentor Caroline Twombly stand outside the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Women in Outdoor Leadership

Nancy Franz ’81 was tired of being the only woman at the table so she did something about it.  She created the Women in Leadership internship, a partnership between Northland College and the National Park Service to support women pursuing outdoor careers. Franz graduated from…  Read More

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