Profile: Anthony Procik

Graduation: 2015
Major: mathematical science
Minors: physics and environmental law and policy
Hometown: Algonquin, Illinois

For Anthony Procik, every class and experience at Northland College was literally life changing. During his time at Northland, Procik’s dreams about his future fluctuated with each new interest he uncovered.

But the experience that most influenced his post-college career choice was becoming involved with initiatives aimed at providing free food options to homeless people in the Chequamegon Bay area.

He now hopes to volunteer his life, utilize his privilege in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and promote public interest and strong local communities.

He’s currently pursuing an AmeriCorp VISTA program, applying to several youth transitional housing programs around the country in hopes of supporting homeless youth in both major metropolitan areas and rural communities.

Anthony’s mom, Sue, said that her son isn’t the type of person who stops and knows that he will have a positive impact wherever he ends up.

“Every class he took at Northland he loved—and I mean really loved. One minute he wanted to be a tribal lawyer, the next minute he wanted to bike across America, or build a tiny home,” she said.

Anthony began working with Northland College’s food supplier, Chartwells, in March to develop a program that would give unused student meals from the meal plan to homeless people in the area. To date, a program has not been officially established but is much closer to completion.

Anthony recently helped out with a Hearts to End Hunger campaign in Ashland, which aims to bring awareness to the homelessness in the region.

These initiatives and his involvement with the Northland College Student Association have him fired up for local politics.

“It has instilled in me a passion for public interest and local community initiatives,” Anthony said. “It taught me about how to effectively run a nonprofit organization that solely exists to appease its constituents and has encouraged me to pursue a career in a very similar setting.”