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You will have the chance to explore ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, and graphic design. You will be encouraged to build a strong foundation and then explore your own interests to their fullest.

We strive to foster creativity and critical thinking through studio arts and graphic design. You will develop visual literacy and problem-solving skills to boldly explore many avenues of technical and creative expression, and to develop an appreciation for craftsmanship and communication.

You will find your voice, produce work, and find an audience through art shows or local venues and as part of a community of artists.

After you take a core of foundation art classes in drawing, design, and history, you will continue to fulfill the requirements for an emphasis in graphic design or studio art.

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Areas of study as an emphasis

Graphic Design
Graphic design explores graphic through project-based curricula in both traditional and digital design including publication design, branding and identity, advertising, web, and interactive media. See Graphic Design Emphasis course list.

Studio Art
Studio art fosters creativity and critical thinking through an understanding of the practice and history of the arts. Through this program, you will be encouraged to see how your own creative endeavors relate to other disciplines within the liberal arts. See Studio Art Emphasis course list.

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