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Northland College professor Brian Tochterman

Why Donald Trump (wrongly) thinks Chicago resembles a war-torn country


“Enjoy a typical afternoon in New York City,” says the narrator over a shot of two white women walking the streets of Manhattan in a trailer for the 1974 movie “Death Wish” — followed by a jump-cut to a home invasion that leaves one woman dead and the other comatose….

Alumni Awards banner

2017 Alumni Awards Announced

…and quickly revolutionizing their area of environmental research. Parker, while a very recent graduate, touched the lives of countless students, alumni, and Ashland community members. His life was cut tragically short in early 2017 doing exactly what he loved to do: environmental research about the wild places he spent his…

Image of Flooding Globe and Mail

What did we learn from 2017’s floods in Quebec and Ontario?

Inside the politics of water

…River – the river that streams along the border of Ontario and Quebec and flows into the St. Lawrence just west of Montreal. This area would be the epicentre of the Quebec flood zone. Desperate to help contain flooding, the board cut back the flow of Lake Ontario water on…

Northland College engineering student working on 3D printer

Enterprising Student Turns 3D Hobby into Business

Thomas Whiting attended Ashland High School, where he played basketball. The 6’8” Northland College senior had not considered Northland College in his hometown of Ashland until Coach Scott Sorensen approached him. “I’m glad he did,” Thomas said. “The academics are top-notch and the cost is cut down due to scholarships.”…

Wolf laying down

Wolf Status Reports

…historic range in Alaska and are found in diverse habitats, from the rainforests of the coastal southeast to the arctic tundra in the north. The state’s wolf population is healthy and stable, and Alaskan wolves have never been listed as endangered or threatened. Sustenance for Alaskan wolves is provided by…


What the Climate’s ‘New Normal’ Is Doing to Lake Superior

…bridge needs to be. So when the 2016 storm came to town, blown-out culverts and other damage cut road (and rail) access across the Ashland region; some 8,000 people were able to travel only if heading west. Villages on the Bad River Indian Reservation became islands. Infrastructure being expensive, Hudson…

Graduates celebration at commencement

Consumer Information

…day of classes). August 31 is used as a cut-off date to determine four-, five-, and six-year graduates/grad rates. Cohort Retention & Graduation Head Counts Entering Year Entering Cohort 2nd Fall Return 3rd Fall Return 4th Fall Return 4 Yr Grad 5 Yr Grad 6 Yr Grad 2011 146 114…

Sig Olson's personal gear

Sigurd Olson Legacy

…lasts until 1944, then, like many syndicated columns of the time, it dies as government wartime restrictions on newsprint force newspapers to cut back. 1945 In June, Sigurd heads to Europe for a year as a a civilian employee of the Army. He teaches GIs waiting to be shipped back…

Sigurd Olson Letters

…is running pretty high and everyone is wondering what it is all about. By and large the cry is that the bill is subversive no one being consulted; that it will stifle the economic life of the community, cut out resorts, ban outboard motors; that the Roadless Areas can be…

Birch bark

Alum Sets Out to Solve Birch Bark Mystery

…took ahold of its exposed edge, and with a gentle pull, removed it from its capsule. My immediate thought was that the state of this piece of bark was not natural. One edge appeared to have been cut by a blade of some type, and there was a hole through…