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Northland College student Danon Briggs coaching kids on the basketball court.

From Big City to Small Town

Senior Danon Briggs Head Coach for AHS Boys C Team

…more grateful.” He’s also clearly cut out for the job. “Danon’s basketball I.Q. was always outstanding, so his transition to coaching was natural,” Sorenson said. “Oftentimes he was exactly like an extension of myself as a coach on the floor. It’s so great to see him staying involved in the…

Biofluorescent platypus (Mammalia)

Platypuses Capture Worldwide Imagination

Northland Researchers Make Another Illuminating Discovery

…Are They Hiding? New York Magazine, The Cut Scientists Find Platypuses Glow Under Black Light National Geographic We Knew Platypuses Were Incredible. Now we know they glow, too. The fur of the platypus glows under a blacklight—a finding that raises questions about its role in these strange mammals. Smithsonian Magazine…


Rethinking Plantation Tourism 

 Time to Get Real About Our History

…souvenir postcard my mom bought with an “image” of her ghost on it. I still find it strange that Chloe, who had her ear cut off, was forced to work in brutal conditions and was hung from a tree as a part of public spectacle, was made to be more…