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Lake Superior storm

Along the Great Lakes, It’s Time to Prepare for Extremes

The lakes are hitting record levels and lakefront communities are asking, what’s next?

…people living in areas prone to flooding and shoreline erosion pack up and leave? Or should they stay, and at what cost to themselves and taxpayers? How much are communities willing to spend to protect against storms and rising waters? To read the entire op-ed, visit the New York Times….

Craig Childs

Student Q & A with Craig Childs

An Evening with Childs and Musicians Dag Bystrom and Andy Noyes

…oscillations and retreat of glaciers, the clues and traces that document the first encounters of early humans. Northland College student Mya Simon, who is majoring in English and Native American studies, contacted Childs to ask him a few questions about his visit. Mya: What does receiving the SOWNA award for…

Northland sign

Not Your Typical May Term

Northland Unites to Provide Pandemic Course

…of learning rooted in an interdisciplinary approach toward understanding webs of complexity. This May, we invite you to join us. For more information on how to participate in this seminar, please visit the course website. Sincerely, The course organizers of Pandemic! Northland Unites (Kyle Bladow, Evan Coulson, Jessica Eckhardt, and…

Donna and George Arbaugh

Walking in Sigurd Olson’s Footsteps

Supporting Stewardship Through Scholarships

…the Arbaugh Singing Wilderness Endowment through a gift from her estate. The endowment will provide on-going financial support for activities of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, including internships and fellowships that help create the next generation of environmental leaders. Donna was able to visit campus in the fall of 2007…

Photo of the Solitary Shores album jacket

From the Archives: A Musical Tribute to Sigurd Olson

…limited supply of original albums in sealed plastic sleeves. Make a gift of $50 or more to the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute to get yours. Or, if your turntable has gone the way of reel-to-reel, eight-track, and cassette players, you can visit Doug’s website to access his album in a…

Sigurd Olson and Robert Matteson stand in front of Memorial Hall

From the Archives: The Letter That Started it All

…a few days after Bob’s visit, perhaps around April 20 or so. We will also announce Bob’s appointment as Director of the Institute at this time. The upshot should be an impact on local, regional, and even national media that will be as great or greater than anything ever done…

Northlandn College Professor Brian Tochterman

The Violence at the Root of the Silent Majority

A forgotten film shows the problem with continuing to invoke this mythical group.

…after the rebellious 1960s. It may have faded from our cultural memory, but the film’s representation of volatile white racism and resentment echoes in our contemporary politics. It also highlights how swiftly popular culture can seize on and profit from political narratives. To read the article visit the Washington Post….

Northland College students in kayaks in Iceland

Semester in Iceland

Alec Drachenberg talks about his experience with the Center for Ecological Living and Learning

…experience? The remarkable opportunity to spend multiple months with other young people who came from around the world to live and work at Sólheimar Ecovillage—friends that I still keep in regular contact with. Piotr, a Polish friend that I made while in Iceland, even came to visit this past semester!…

Northland College student Adrian Bethel

A Winning Combination

Forestry and Baseball

…see new areas, and see them with the guys I already spend every day with, has been very fun. Describe the campus. Tightly-knit and caring. If you were to give the insider tour of Northland, where would you go? The greenhouse. That’s a green space that not many people visit….

Scratchboard of two wolves

TWA Selects 2019 Wolf Awareness Poster Art

…in the mid-1990s. “Ramses was always a very shy boy—curious but kept his distance,” she said. “Nehani was very friendly and outgoing, at least to me. She always came up to visit when I did daily rounds.” Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator Jordyn O’Gara says she and the selection committee chose…