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Northland College alumnus Tiffany Kirsten stands with fellow activists along the border of Texas and Mexico

Careers in Social Justice, Conservation, and Public Service

SOEI Interns

…subsequently into a master’s program in aquatic ecology,” she said. Since getting her masters I have been working for five years as an aquatic ecologist and program manager at the National Aquatic Monitoring Center, which is a partnership between the Bureau of Land Management and Utah State University. The main…

High school boy looking through magnifying glass at lumber.

Changing Lives

…as outdoor filmmaking and aquatic ecology allow high school students to reside in the residence halls gaining a glimpse of college life at Northland. Other sessions like sailing in the Apostle Islands or backpacking in Pictured Rocks or paddling the Namekagon River offer the excitement of a wilderness expedition trip….

wolf head

Tug of War Over Wolves

…he said. “That and curiosity.” Olson’s curiosities range from studying the ecology of Eurasian milfoil in northern Wisconsin to lemurs in Madagascar, but the subject that has captured his heart, mind, and time: grey wolves. More specifically wolf and human interactions and conflicts. Olson has had three research papers published…

Summit Biographies

…board for the Great Lakes Clean Communities Network, and on the board of the Southeast Wisconsin Watershed Trust. Jon Allan Jon joined the state of Michigan as director of the Office of the Great Lakes in 2012, contributing his considerable experience in aquatic ecology, fisheries and wildlife, and environmental policy…

Loon and Baby


…cases are responsible for loons and loon music disappearing from traditional nesting lakes. LoonWatch, a program of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, protects common loons and their aquatic habitats through education, monitoring, and research. Though our primary focus is Wisconsin, our education and research activities extend to Upper Great Lakes…

Journal Entries Singing Wilderness

…white footed mouse, the squirrel, in all of the natural little shelters. More than description they give this feeling. In Fish House, you become one with the waving fronds of eel grass in the water, the sense of being a part of the aquatic scene. In Moon Magic it is…

Loon Swimming

About Loons

…are sometimes confused with other waterbirds found in the same aquatic habitats. Loons are diving birds and therefore their legs are positioned farther back on the body than on geese or ducks. Loons have a long dagger-like bill unlike the more rounded bills of ducks and geese. Loons are probably…

Red canoe on a lake

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute

…and numerous events for young people and adults. You can find related news here. LoonWatch This signature program of the SOEI protects common loons and their aquatic habitats through education, monitoring, and research. Our primary focus is Wisconsin, however our education and research activities extend to the Upper Great Lakes…

Wildlife Ecology student

White River Property Creates Outdoor Classroom

Genevieve and Patrick Bradley Donated Land in 1983

…management standards. Even in death, however, Martin said the white pine continues to provide instruction in ecosystems. “A tree that once provided habitat for birds, tree frogs, stoneflies, and many other land-dwelling organisms now functions as an important habitat for aquatic life,” Martin said. Martin, Olson, and other faculty consider…

Professor Dick Verch recorded plant taxonomy samples on Stockton Island in the early 1970s.

The Beauty and Fury of Lake Superior

Notes from the Field

…Northland, he attended graduate school in Kentucky, majoring in aquatic ecology. In 1980, he was hired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and moved to Minnesota, where he spent the next thirty-four years working for USFWS as a biologist on a National Wildlife Refuge, coordinator for the National Wetlands…