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Wolf laying down

Wolf Status Reports

Every one to three years (depending on region) state and federal agencies survey and monitor gray wolf populations. These reports summarize the best available information on the status of gray wolves in specific regions in the United States.

Northland College 2022-2023 EADA Report

…0.00 Ratio (Percent) 0% 0% 100% Recruiting Expenses – Men’s and Women’s Teams Men’s Teams Women’s Teams Total Total 22,923 21,743 44,666 Participants Operating Expenses per Participant By Team Participants Operating Expenses per Participant By Team Total Operating Expenses Baseball 27 3,906 105,456 105,456 Basketball 24 3,281 78,749 13 3,882…

WI TWA Adult Presentation updated Jan 2022

…minimal. In 2016, buck harvest increased 28% in the north woods despite having record high wolf populations. While depredations may be serious to some farms, wolves are a minimal risk to the industry. In recent years 22-47 farms suffered wolf depredations. While hunting dogs roaming far from hunters (especially hounds…

Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy V4 2.23.21

…identifying information is not disclosed, while still providing enough information for community members to make safety decisions in light of the potential danger. 22. False Allegations and Evidence Deliberately false and/or malicious accusations under this policy are a serious offense and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. This does…

Graduates celebration at commencement

Consumer Information

Northland College is a private, non-profit liberal arts college with a progressive focus on the environment and sustainability, located in Ashland, Wisconsin. Per the U.S. Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and other federal regulations, Northland College discloses information about the College ranging from athletic, academic, financial aid, security, graduation rates,…

Loon flying over a lake

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Since 1978, LoonWatch’s Annual Lakes Monitoring Program has engaged an active volunteer network of Loon Rangers as its primary tool to collect critical long-term data on loons in northern Wisconsin. Working as population monitors and environmental educators, these volunteers have been the field force that has provided SOEI and WI…