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Sigurd Olson Speeches

…standpoint, the answer is simple. People make news. That boy and girl made news. The average reader is interested in what means something to him personally, in what he can understand and enjoy. He is stimulated by whatever stirs his emotions, shies from anything boring or impersonal. People still do…

Northland College chemistry prof and students in lab.

From Pop Bottles to Pharmaceuticals

By John Myers, Duluth News Tribune What if we could turn millions of plastic pop bottles back into chemicals, and then reuse those chemicals in things such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics? Turns out that’s exactly what students at two Wisconsin schools have shown can be done. Research teams of undergraduate…

Northland College alumnus Tiffany Kirsten stands with fellow activists along the border of Texas and Mexico

Birds and the Border Wall

Tiffany Kersten ’10 Tiffany Kersten first became hooked on birds at age twelve, after witnessing a flock of thousands of dancing sandhill cranes in a Wisconsin cornfield. She currently is the manager at the McAllen Nature Center in Texas and spending most of her free time fighting the proposed border…

City scape of Boston, Mass by photographer Bob Gross

UHA Awards Rector Best Dissertation

…economic emergency in Detroit, and the poisoned water in Detroit and Flint. Rector doesn’t shy away from weighing in, using historical perspective, on current proposals for how to solve these crises in Detroit. This dissertation shows the importance of historical research and historical imagination when trying to understand our current

Lake Superior and beach

Geologic Perspectives on Climate Change

…etc. The practice of measurement is the same process by which we build our homes, cook our meals and predict the timing of the next solar eclipse to the minute. What do geologic measurements about the past tell us about modern climate change? 1. Current global temperatures are higher than…

Northland College alum Julie Anderson poses with sculptures.

Exploring the Natural World through Sculpture

Julie Anderson '00 Owns and Operates Studio in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

…Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat. I began to realize how complex and fascinating this medium was and that I could easily study it for the rest of my life. Q. Was there any moment or particular influence on your current work that you can connect back to Northland? A. Absolutely….

Todd Rothe standing in kitchen

Northland Announces Food Systems Center

…they can access a commercial kitchen.” To further efficiency, the composting unit sits next to the processing kitchen, reducing the College’s carbon footprint. “It’s a capsule of high efficiency to reduce waste and fossil fuels,” Rothe said. The College is currently raising money to fund a faculty director position to…

Northland College alumnus Tiffany Kirsten stands with fellow activists along the border of Texas and Mexico

Careers in Social Justice, Conservation, and Public Service

SOEI Interns

…ecological projects. From his college years to his current job, Adam Yates ’07 has worked to make the world more inclusive—through an alternative spring break in the Blue Ridge mountains to his current position as an openly gay pastor at the Episcopalian Church of Connecticut (He received his master of…

Northland College alum Stuart Barnes Jamieson

Supporting the Next Generation of Non-Profits and Their Leaders

Stuart Barnes Jamieson '81

Majors: history and environmental studies ‘81 Northland Highlights: NCSA president, Board of Trustees student representative, Chequamegon Orchestra, working with President Malcolm McLean Advanced Degrees: masters of non-profit management, North Park University, Chicago, Illinois; master of divinity, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, New Brighton, Minnesota Current Location: Oak Park,…

Mother loon and her chick

Wisconsin Loon Population on the Rise

Results of the 2015 one-day Wisconsin Loon Population Survey

…2010, and the chick population is estimated at 834, an increase of 37.8 percent. “I’m surprised and pleased,” said LoonWatch Coordinator Erica LeMoine. “Between the 2010 Gulf oil spill and 2012 botulism outbreak they’ve faced extraordinary challenges over the last five years, so this is good news.” The survey has…