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Apostle Islands

PBS News Hour: Trump's proposed budget would gut Great Lakes cleanup

a ‘game-changer’ for the region By Michael D. Regan, PBS News Hour The Great Lakes region could lose $300 million in annual federal funding under a budget proposal released Thursday by the White House that would impose drastic cuts to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a promise made by President Donald Trump during his campaign, and…  Read More


WPR: Orlando Mass Shooting Renews Gun Control Debate In Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin Professor Says Concealed Carry Not Answer To Gun Violence BY DANIELLE KAEDING, WPR Gun sales usually spike following mass shootings like the one in an Orlando, Florida, nightclub last weekend. A northern Wisconsin professor warns arming ourselves might not be the answer, but some gun rights advocates say people should be able to…  Read More

Great Lakes map

Buffalo News Editorial: Battle is brewing

BY PETER ANNIN, Special to The Buffalo News In 1990, the small town of Lowell, Ind., made Great Lakes water history by proposing to divert 1 million gallons of water per day outside the Great Lakes watershed. Under the rules at the time, any water diversion proposal required the approval of all eight Great Lakes…  Read More

Northland Walking on bridge - masks

Fall 2020 Reopening

» Read our Campus Reopening Plan » Check out the Reopening FAQ Recent Updates Sep 21: Random Testing Sep 16: Public Health Alert Follow-up Sep 8: Campus Health Update Aug 25: Additional 2020 Fall Athletics Update Aug 19: Reasonable Accommodation Needs Aug 18: Campus Health Update Aug 12: Campus Reopening Plan & FAQ Aug 7:…

Northland College Health Services

COVID-19 Updates

Read the CARES ACT Notification. Read the Clery COVID-19 Compliance Notification. Resources It is natural to experience a wide range of thoughts, feelings, and reactions in regards to the current global health crisis. Please visit our COVID-19 resource page for tips on how to take care of yourself and manage stress and anxiety. If you’re…

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Application & Enrollment FAQ COVID-19 impact. Curious about how COVID-19 may impact applying to or enrolling at Northland College? Check out these FAQ’s. Prospective 2021 Applicants Admitted 2020 Students Fall 2020 Enrolled Students


What the Climate’s ‘New Normal’ Is Doing to Lake Superior

Minnesota has shoreline on only one Great Lake, but it happens to be the greatest: largest, clearest, coldest and, until recently, seemingly least vulnerable to various environmental afflictions elsewhere in the five-lake basin. The world’s biggest lake by surface area, Superior happens to hold one-tenth of the fresh water on the face of the Earth.…

Northland College staff Stacy Craig

A Deeper Life Because of Northland

I started as the internship coordinator at Northland College nine-years ago, and at the time, I planned to develop a program modeled on other colleges’ career centers. I researched job growth and hiring trends. I read reports about top internship programs. I related all of this to students, and again and again, they told me…

A collage of climate initiatives

17 Ways We’re Tackling Climate Change

Leading a Food Revolution in Higher Ed The world’s food system is responsible for about one-quarter of the planet-warming greenhouse gases that humans generate each year—the clearing of forests, animal manure, and fossil fuels for fertilizer and shipping food around the globe. The Hulings Rice Food Center is creating a climate-sensitive food systems model with field-to-campus dining…

Apostle Islands

External Scholarships

Many scholarships and grants are offered by private sources, therefore not administered by Northland. Here are some places to start.