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Physics students with a scale


Physics minor coursework covers basic principles and scientific techniques of physics. It includes advanced instruction in atmospheric physics, thermodynamics, classical mechanics, and modern physics. As the broadest of the sciences, physics provides rigorous problem-solving training that is applicable across the disciplines. A minor in physics is a particularly appropriate complement…

Northland Students in discussion.


…skills in the evolving Western tradition and can be combined with any major. A philosophy minor provides excellent preparation for graduate studies, law school, or business, community development, or simply for leading a better life. Philosophy Questioning with critical thinking. Philosophy Minor requirements Michael Lindquist Assistant Professor of Philosophy Michael…

Northland College student levitating using photography tricks.

Fools Photography

Adjunct Photography Professor Bob Gross had a little pre-April Fools fun in his Digital Photography classroom yesterday. Students learn about exposure settings, lighting basics, photoshop techniques, “and how to bend the rules of time and space with your mind,” he said….


CUUF: Einstein, Quantum Physics, and Spooky Action at a Distance

March 27, 2022, 10:00 am11:30 am

…“Einstein, Quantum Physics, and Spooky Action at a Distance.” His talk will cover Einstein’s theory of relativity, measuring time with an atomic clock, and other strange things that happen in outer space. Please note that we are still taking precautions against COVID-19. Given that, we ask that you wear a…

Northland College students do radio interview in early 1960s with photographer and curator John Szarkowski

Changing the Way We See

Ashland native John Szarkowski showed America a new way to look at photographs.

When John Szarkowski began as director of photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1962, photography was considered a utilitarian median, a means to document what existed. He elevated the photograph as a legitimate form of art. “Szarkowski’s thinking, whether Americans know it or not,…

Loon and baby on lake

Ethical Wildlife Photography

…loon parent from its chicks, this could be fatal for the chicks, especially when they are very young. Related Ethical Wildlife Photography From the National Audubon Society. All bird photographers want that perfect shot, and sometimes they’ll go to great lengths to get it (read Audubon magazine’s feature). The problem…


…the Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the physical, chemical, and biological changes that the Earth is continually undergoing. Northland’s geology program gives you a thorough understanding of how the physical earth—its minerals, rocks, soils, water, landscapes—form the foundation on which all ecosystems exist. Geology Rock solid…

Northland student portaging canoe

Outdoor Education

…Geographic Information Systems* Geology Graphic Design* History Humanities Humanity and Nature Studies Mathematical Sciences Music* Native American Studies Natural Resources Outdoor Education Philosophy* Physics* Pre-Health Care* Pre-Law* Pre-Ministry* Pre-Veterinary Medicine* Psychology Religious Studies Sociology and Social Justice Spanish* Sports Management* Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems* Sustainable Community Development Water Science…

Northland College alum Carl Sacks looks at GIS with students

Mapping for a Better World

Created "The Black Snake in Sioux Country" Map

…private property. Social justice begins with decolonization, which means changing the ways we’re used to looking at the world. “Feminist cartography, counter-cartography, and Indigenous cartography are names given to various efforts to challenge colonialist and capitalist map-making. These ideas have been around a while—at least since the 70s, when “Wild…

Two people talk to each other while wearing a KN-95 and surgical mask in front of Wheeler Hall.

COVID-19 Campus Plan

…meetings. Telephone and email communication for student services is the primary mode of communication, and appointments will be conducted virtually whenever possible. Where in-person meetings cannot be avoided, waiting areas are configured to respect physical distancing; meetings will take place in spaces that support physical distancing. Fitness Center The John…