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Hudack’s Philosophy?

Stay Calm and Remain Positive

Ashland native Tiffany Hudack played softball at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, where she was the assistant softball coach for two years. She returned home to coach softball at Northland in 2018. What’s your coaching philosophy? To stay positive no matter how bad or terrible the situation is. I really stand by…

Physics students with a scale


Physics minor coursework covers basic principles and scientific techniques of physics. It includes advanced instruction in atmospheric physics, thermodynamics, classical mechanics, and modern physics.

Loon and baby on lake

Ethical Wildlife Photography

All bird photographers want that perfect shot, and sometimes they’ll go to great lengths to get it (read Audubon magazine’s feature). The problem comes when that pursuit jeopardizes the welfare and safety of the birds themselves. LoonWatch wants to make sure our contest photos are taken in an ethical way. While that might sound easy,…  Read More

Northland Students in discussion.


A minor in philosophy develops critical thinking skills in the evolving Western tradition and can be combined with any major.

Northland College student levitating using photography tricks.

Fools Photography

Adjunct Photography Professor Bob Gross had a little pre-April Fools fun in his Digital Photography classroom yesterday. Students learn about exposure settings, lighting basics, photoshop techniques, “and how to bend the rules of time and space with your mind,” he said.

SOEI Youth Programs

Essential Eligibility Criteria

Essential Eligibility Criteria Know your skills as a participant. Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute outings and trips are open to all Northland College students, staff, and faculty who are able to meet the essential eligibility requirements listed below. Accommodations may be made as long as it does not compromise the health or safety of staff members…

Participant Agreement

Participant Agreement Know your risks as a participant. Please review this document carefully before agreeing. It contains important information about the programs at Northland College, and affects the legal rights of participants and families in the event of an injury or other loss. All students, volunteers and guests (hereafter “Participants”) fourteen (14) years of age…

SONWA winning books

SONWA Winners 1991-Present

Nature Books for Adults and Children

Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award Winners • 1991. Open Spaces, Jim Dale Vickery. Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award (SONWA) gave its inaugural award to Minnesota author Jim Dale Vickery for Open Spaces , a book that takes the reader to the unpopulated spaces in North America. Vickery, who died in June 2014, continued to write about…  Read More

Kids reading outdoors

Nature Based Reading

Listening to a story is a creative pastime—an ancient tradition of the human spirit—that adds to the value of a person’s life and can influence how they care for themselves and the Earth. Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Youth Programs value creative endeavors connected with nature and youth. We have created this online video collection to…