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Hudack’s Philosophy?

Stay Calm and Remain Positive

Ashland native Tiffany Hudack played softball at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, where she was the assistant softball coach for two years. She returned home to coach softball at Northland in 2018. What’s your coaching philosophy? To stay positive no matter how bad or terrible the situation is. I really stand by…

Physics students with a scale


Physics minor coursework covers basic principles and scientific techniques of physics. It includes advanced instruction in atmospheric physics, thermodynamics, classical mechanics, and modern physics.

Loon and baby on lake

Ethical Wildlife Photography

All bird photographers want that perfect shot, and sometimes they’ll go to great lengths to get it (read Audubon magazine’s feature). The problem comes when that pursuit jeopardizes the welfare and safety of the birds themselves. LoonWatch wants to make sure our contest photos are taken in an ethical way. While that might sound easy,…  Read More

Northland College student in class


A minor in philosophy develops critical thinking skills in the evolving Western tradition and can be combined with any major.

Northland College student levitating using photography tricks.

Fools Photography

Adjunct Photography Professor Bob Gross had a little pre-April Fools fun in his Digital Photography classroom yesterday. Students learn about exposure settings, lighting basics, photoshop techniques, “and how to bend the rules of time and space with your mind,” he said.

Northland College student Emma Holtan

The Chequamegon Bay Region Spoke and the IJC Listened

In September of 2019, the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation hosted a conference with the International Joint Commission (IJC). The purpose was to give local experts and the public an opportunity to share their water quality concerns for Lake Superior and the larger Great Lakes basin. The public hearing portion of the event…

Northland Students Outside with Masks

COVID Campus Communication

» Read our COVID Campus Plan » Read our Campus COVID FAQ Recent Updates Dec 22: Witer/Spring Athletic Competition Update Dec 21: Community Pledge Nov 20: Grading Policy Modifications for Fall Term Session 2 Nov 7: Transition to Virtual Learning Oct 19: Winter Term Schedule Oct 8: Message from President Solibakke Oct 1: Campus COVID-19…

Robert Rue Parsonage and Ruth Lull with sons at Northland College 1980s

Embracing the North

A cross country move, thirty-three years in the making.

Robert Rue Parsonage, Northland’s president from 1987-2002, made an imprint as indelible as the Northland seal. Filled with confidence, boldness, and a Midwestern work ethic, he built a college for the twenty-first century while giving credence to the past. “I expected great things and pushed to get them done,” said Bob in a telephone interview…

Northland College Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion David Saetre

A Spirit of Imagination

How Northland Faced the 1918 Pandemic

Some years ago, I began an address to an organization facing uncertain times with a quote from the poet T.S. Eliot: “humankind cannot bear very much reality.” As I repeated the line for effect, an elder in the crowd uttered, “but young man, we must!” After the laughter in the room subsided, I recovered enough…

Northland College Trustee Mary H. Rice on her porch in Bayfield.

Wisdom, Work, Wallop, and Wealth

Mary Rice’s Enduring Legacy

“Your generosity and commitment to Northland College continues to take my breath away. You have always made a full commitment to all of the four W’s: wisdom, work, wallop, and wealth.” —In a letter from Don Chase to Mary Rice in 2002.  Northland President Karl I. Solibakke and Major Gift Officer Mary O’Brien called on…