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SOEI Youth Programs

Youth Outreach Programs

…cutting and maintaining bike, ski and hiking trails for future use. In the afternoons and evenings we will explore, recreate and enjoy land and water trails in the area. Youth Connect Trails Youth Connect Trails offers overnight, full day and half day programs. We work with students in grades 5-12,…

Northland student portaging canoe

Outdoor Education

…schools, at-risk youth, people with different physical abilities, and people who are seeking solace, renewal, or belonging through outdoor experiences. course list The natural history emphasis gives you in-depth ecological knowledge and the added skills of interpretation to help you connect people to nature. Our graduates go on to become…

Sigurd Olson Speeches

…as they could had they lived there long. There were no personal associations, no emotional connections, that bound these things to them. To find the people who live much with a country we must find those who have learned to love the soil, the rocks and the trees, who have…