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Learn About Wolves

…Resources TWA Wolf Database of Information Other Informative Websites International Wolf Center National Wolfwatcher Coalition Wolves of the Rockies Oregon Wild Wolf Education & Research Center Identification Behavior Breeding & Denning Habitat & Food Requirements Place in the Ecosystem Wolves & Humans Wolf-Dog Hybrids Wolf Myths Explained Resources Related Stories…

TWA Speakers Bureau

…of Program* 1 hour 2 hour Program Topic* Wolves of Wisconsin Wolves of Michigan Wolf Folklore Wolf Communication and Pup Development Wolf Ecology & Management Canids of Wisconsin Number of Participants* Age Range of Participants* Additional comments about program: A program entails a member of the Timber Wolf Alliance Speakers…

Glacier National Park

Keynote Rolf Peterson: Wolves and America's National Parks

…parks have maintained wolf populations that experience a minimum of human impacts,” he said. “Much of what we know today about wolf-prey interaction and trophic cascades, both major areas of ecology, has come from science in national parks.” Peterson had a primary role in the Isle Royale wolf-moose study for…

Gary Ferguson

Wolf Awareness Week Focuses on Yellowstone Wolves

Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award to be presented In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction project, the Timber Wolf Alliance at Northland College is bringing Yellowstone’s lead biologist Doug Smith and award-winning author Gary Ferguson, pictured above, as the keynote speakers for Wolf Awareness Week….