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Northland student in the lab

Research Experience Lands Weir His Dream Job

As a Northland College student, Andrew Weir felt like he was gaining valuable experiences in his geosciences major, but knew that in order to pursue a career in environmental consulting he would need something more substantial on his resume to stand out amongst other applicants. That is why Weir decided…

Northland College student works on fire crew to do prescribed burn on campus.


…and resume. Internships give you a competitive advantage for graduate school, and in some cases, lead to post graduation job offers. The Office of Applied Learning is available to assist with focusing your interests, finding the right fit, and answering any questions you might have. We’ll help you find an…

ReUse Room

…displays and be convinced that one person’s trash is indeed another person’s treasure. “Treasure hunters” are asked to donate a few minutes of their time each time they visit the ReUse Room to keep it clean and organized. Donations are accepted via the drop box outside of the Ponzio Campus…

student in cafeteria

International Application Process

…EcoLeague, and more. Your personal education journey would include experience with faculty members in your field getting to know you, your passions and your goals. Why Northland? Northland’s commitment to environmental education has been noticed around the United States by some of the most prestigious college reviews. In the last…

NYT: Waukesha Plan for Lake Michigan Water Raises Worries

…Surely, city leaders imagined, the needs of Waukesha, with a population just over 70,000, would be but a drop from the gigantic Great Lakes bucket, which amounts to one-fifth of the earth’s fresh surface water. That little drop, however, has stirred up a colossal struggle. To read the entire article….