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Travis Proctor

Fake News, Forgeries, & Frauds

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Travis Proctor's New Course

Buckles: You created Fake News, Forgeries, & Frauds. Why? Proctor: Forged texts and fraudulent documents have long been a major issue for historians, and especially for those who study ancient religion. There have been long-standing debates, for example, regarding whether certain books in the Bible (e.g., 1 Timothy, 2 Thessalonians) were really written by the people…  Read More …  Read More

Northland College history professor and students


Our faculty are passionate about learning—and not just student learning. They are dedicated learners and scholars, and that shines through in the classroom and in the field. And they’re more than just teachers. They are mentors who often establish life-long relationships with their students. Northland College faculty shape the ways in which you see the…  Read More