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Northland College Food Systems Manager Todd Rothe

Todd Rothe ’10 Says Farmers Need a Plan

Todd Rothe ’10 is the food systems manager of the Hulings Rice Food Center and will be teaching Sustainable Food Production in the fall as part of the newly-created sustainable agriculture minor. Buckles: How have attitudes around food changed in the last two decades? Rothe: I remember sitting at the…

Todd Rothe standing in kitchen

Northland Announces Food Systems Center

…processing kitchen and classroom space has been named the Don R. and Carole Larson Food Lab. The College recruited and hired entrepreneur and farmer Todd Rothe ’10 in January to manage the Hulings Rice Food Center. “Todd’s business acumen, knowledge of local foods, and his connections on campus and in…

Northland College Food Center Director Todd Rothe stands in front of the composting machine.

Northland College Wants Your Leftovers

Community Compost Program

…college can produce. The answer, Northland Food Systems Manager Todd Rothe said, is to open the composting program to the entire Ashland community. “The new machine that we installed here two years ago is big enough for us to put in one ton of material a day,” he said. “It…

Northland College student installing hoop house

Food Is Everything

Danny Simpson '18, Assistant Manager of the Hulings Rice Food Center

…Simpson manages the day-to-day operation of the gardens and the Larson Food Lab and led the initiative to make Northland College an official refuge for pollinators. He was recently elected to the new Ashland/Bayfield County chapter of the Farmer’s Union alongside fellow alums Todd Rothe ’10 and Evan Flom ‘14….

Northland College student repackage leftover food.

Students Combat Food Insecurity

…Rural Communities, ninety-three percent of households in Ashland and Bayfield County agree that everyone in this community should have access to healthy food. “By recovering and donating food, Northland aligns with regional community’s goals and values to increase the accessibility of healthy food,” said Todd Rothe, food systems manager. ⠀…

Northland college students at organic farming conference

The Changing Face of Ag

…who are working toward a more sustainable food and farming system. Todd Rothe, manager at the Hulings Rice Food Center, attended the weekend-long conference in February with seven students who manage the campus gardens and who help preserve food at the Larson Food Lab. “Our students are keen to the…

Northland College students in garden

The Campus Garden Crew

The Mino Aki garden crew of two—Danny Simpson and Sam Phelps—have been working to expand and improve the campus gardens this summer. Their experience in agriculture combined with leadership from the Food Systems Center director Todd Rothe and gifts from donors, have the gardens looking and producing at their best….

Northland College Bee Friendly Campus

Northland College Becomes First Wisconsin Bee Campus

Working to Promote Native Bees and Pollinators

…day,” said Food Systems Manager Todd Rothe. “This is a great example of a student taking the initiative and with staff and faculty support making the planet a better place.” Pollinators like bumble bees, sweat bees, mason bees, honey bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, flies, hummingbirds and many others are responsible…