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Northland College history professor and students


the Minnesota Historical Society, the Ashland Historical Society, and various regional museums. One student spent a summer documenting the history of the Minnesota State Fair. Through coursework and internships, you will learn how to read critically, write clearly and authoritatively, and think comprehensively about the course of human events. You…

Travis Proctor

Fake News, Forgeries, & Frauds

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Travis Proctor's New Course

…that had been grappled with by scholars of the bible and other historical artifacts for decades, if not centuries. I thought it would be interesting to return to some of those historical debates to see how the skills used by historians to debunk forgeries and frauds could be applied to…

Northland College professor Brian Tochterman's book, The Dying City

The Cultural Origins of the Urban Crisis

An Interview with Brian L. Tochterman

Today on Gotham, editor Nick Juravich interviews Brian L. Tochterman about his new book, The Dying City: Postwar New York and the Ideology of Fear, about the competing narratives that shaped the city after World War II, in the age of mass suburbanization and deindustrialization. For readers who haven’t encountered…

Visiting lecturer Brendan Baylor in his studio

Artist takes fresh look at historical clearcut

…old-growth trees in this region, vastly contrasting his experience growing up among the behemoth foliage of the Pacific Northwest. Baylor began poring over historical photographs, treaty documents, and economic records, uncovering the bleak history of clearcutting that denotes a devastating narration of ecological violence across the region, he said. Baylor…

Water Summit

…a frank and robust conversation about the program’s future. The White Paper The result is a White Paper, designed to provide the presidential transition teams context and analysis about the future of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. PDF of White Paper is available here. Resources Participant Biographies Great Lakes Restoration…

Northland student research

Research Showcase

Seth W. Davenport, Tyrease “TJ” James, and Dr. Jonathan G. Marti

City scape of Boston, Mass by photographer Bob Gross

UHA Awards Rector Best Dissertation

…economic emergency in Detroit, and the poisoned water in Detroit and Flint. Rector doesn’t shy away from weighing in, using historical perspective, on current proposals for how to solve these crises in Detroit. This dissertation shows the importance of historical research and historical imagination when trying to understand our current…

A design featuring piano keys, birds, trebble and bass cleffs, and various music notes on a yellow background.

Orkestar Bez Ime

March 25, 7:30 pm9:00 pm

Ukraine, with plenty of stops in between. Join us in the the Ponzio Campus Center’s Alvord Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 25, for this lively music event! This event is open to the public. Admission General Admission: $15 All Students: Free Tickets can be purchased at the door…

Earth Day badge over night sky

Happy Birthday, Earth Day!

…that is good for them,” a Mississippi delegate to a Daughters of the American Revolution convention warned. Civil rights and anti-war activists thought the day would distract the public from their cause. But the idea had already taken hold. While Nelson had envisioned perhaps 40 events held across the country,…