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Outdoor Orientation

…you become acclimated to Northland College, prepares you for the first day of classes, offers a great chance to meet other new students, and answer any questions you have about living at Northland. OO experiences include everything from backcountry expeditions to urban exploration. Make sure you register for your trip

Red canoe on a lake

Keep Wilderness Act's Flame Burning Bright

wilderness assets. Third, wilderness protection means defending these national assets from external forces that would compromise wilderness integrity. Finally, in an age of video games and gadgetry, we need to introduce more young people to the inspiring and restorative powers wilderness possesses. So, happy birthday, Wilderness Act, and thank you…

Sig Olson's personal gear

Sigurd Olson Legacy

…Olson biographer Dr. David Backes, the award-winning writer of A Wilderness Within: The Life of Sigurd F. Olson. Dr. Backes retired in 2015 after twenty-seven years as a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He gave the content of the Olson website to the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland…

Wilderness Medical Associates—Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course

March 10March 12

…WMA WEMS graduates with a current EMS license may also recertify the wilderness portion of their Wilderness EMS (WEMS) certification with this course. WEMS graduates from other organizations are not eligible use this course to recertify their WEMS. If you are recertifying the wilderness portion of your WMA WEMS certification,…

SONWA winning books

SONWA Winners 1991-Present

Nature Books for Adults and Children

…family canoe trip into the Border Country lakes of northern Minnesota and western Ontario and is vividly depicted with woodblocks, sketches, and prose. • 2006. Being Caribou: Five Months on Foot with an Arctic Herd, Karsten Heuer. Heuer follows the members of the Porcupine caribou herd who have made the…

Wilderness Medical Associates—Wilderness First Responder Course

April 22April 29

SOEI Outdoor Pursuits is partnering with Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) to host an eight-day Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course, the definitive wilderness course in medical training, leadership, and critical thinking for outdoor, low-resource, and remote professionals and leaders. The Wilderness First Responder program is the ideal medical training for leaders…