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Off-Campus Study

…for small groups of students to contribute to actual conservation efforts in big, wild landscapes. Students from diverse backgrounds from the sciences to humanities study and work hard to immerse themselves in the ecology and culture of a place. Round River has offered programs in Mongolia, Botswana, Chile, Belize, Costa…

Sigurd Olson Speeches

…suitable subject because I’ve lived part of my life in northern Wisconsin and part in Minnesota, so I am qualified, I think, to speak for the project. The river has the same kind of history that other rivers have. It’s a large river, larger than most being considered, about sixty-five…

Sigurd F. Olson Journal Entries

…on wolves sometime before spring. [Note: Minnesota Conservationist would publish “A New Policy Needed for the Superior” in May.] The recent renewed agitation for trapping leaves me cold and think it is about time to get something off for the conservationists to think about. Yesterday was a lovely peaceful day….