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Annin Judges Our Waters, Our Future Writing Contest

…to submit stories is February 1, 2016. Complete contest details can be found at The contest encourages Wisconsinites to envision a desirable future and participate in building that future through storytelling. Representatives from Madison Magazine, which will publish the winning story, will also be part of the judges’ panel….

Loon and baby on lake

Ethical Wildlife Photography

All bird photographers want that perfect shot, and sometimes they’ll go to great lengths to get it (read Audubon magazine’s feature). The problem comes when that pursuit jeopardizes the welfare and safety of the birds themselves. LoonWatch wants to make sure our contest photos are taken in an ethical way….

Phot0 by Brad Thompson. 2021 loonwatch winning photo of loon and chick.

Loon Appreciation Week and Poster

…all the great images for our poster? From folks like you! If you think you have a fantastic loon photo that would make a great poster image, submit your photos. The photo contest has attracted entrants from across the country and Canada! Submission Deadline September 14, 2022 Competition Rules &…

Wolf Awareness Week 2020 Winning Poster Art by Deborah LaFogg Docherty

Wolf Awareness Week & Poster

…the entrant. If the artwork submitted to the contest is a depiction drawn from a photograph taken by someone other than the artist, the artist MUST notify TWA of the photographer’s name and address. Previously published work is also acceptable. FORMAT OF SUBMISSIONS: All entries must be submitted as a…

Northland College alum Kealy White at work at bakery.

Stepping Back, Leaning In

Kealy White '99

…since she was eight weeks old,” Kealy said. “This was our chance—biking riding and sidewalk chalk was totally our jam.” Kealy clocked backed in after four weeks, working from home at first and slowly returning to the physical building. “Having an employer that valued my perspective and allowed me the…

Two Northland College students walking downtown

The Art and Design of Walkable Cities

…So, after years of strolling through all these towns, and living in ours, I have come to appreciate the value of walkability. A town that feels like it was designed to stroll through has tightly packed buildings that come right up to the sidewalk, the availability of outdoor seating, and…

Journal Entries Singing Wilderness

…Wilderness Society president who came to know Zahniser early in the 1960s, recalled a time in Denver when he was supposed to pick up Zahniser outside of a downtown hotel. Zahniser was sitting on the sidewalk with his back resting against the hotel wall, and was so immersed in a…

Young Elephant Northland College sculpture

Campus Sculpture Tour

…entrance of Ponzio Campus Center. Girl With Paddle Sarah Balbin (American) Metal mounted on rock Size: Unknown Located by the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. Chat Ann Vrielinck (Belgian, b. 1966) Bronze 57 inches diameter Located along the sidewalk east of Dexter Library. Ventaglio (Fan) Toni Fabris (Italian, b. 1915, d….

Sigurd Olson Speeches

…of trees, or the evils of erosion. While important, those things are prosaic, not the sort of thing we’re looking for.” During the last Wildlife Conference at the Statler Hotel in Washington, a banquet was held for the purpose of making awards in a nation-wide essay contest. Time Magazine was…

Northland College commencement speaker Ella Shively.

Examining One’s Precious Life

2021 Commencement Address

…the humanity in every face that passes by. I have broader plans, yes, but plans often change. And even if all my plans go off the rails and I lose everything that is important to me, I will still have the moon, and resilient maple seedlings pushing through the sidewalk