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Banner for The Metropole

The Metropole: Mickey Spillane's Hell of a Town

…brilliance that was Manhattan by night was reduced to a few sleepy, yellow lights off in the distance. The grand suspension bridge, then, becomes the setting for Spillane’s hard-boiled suspense. Hammer stands there considering a choice: his work as a New York City private investigator/vigilante or a move to the…

Two people talk to each other while wearing a KN-95 and surgical mask in front of Wheeler Hall.

COVID-19 Campus Plan

…by all COVID-19 policies during this time. These policies may change as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. Please check regularly for updates. Disciplinary Action Our campus expects that all community members understand the importance of personal and communal vigilance to keep everyone safe and healthy. We also understand that…

Northland College Campus

Northland Remains Vigilant

Presidential Update

…sixty have been specifically reserved for quarantine and isolation cases. Fortunately, due to the apparent effectiveness of our protocols and the discipline of our students, faculty, and staff, we have not yet needed to utilize our isolation or quarantine capacities. Our college community is vigilantly adhering to face-covering requirements, maintaining…

President Karl Solibakke stands on a bridge in a blue blazer and tie.

It Takes A Community

Gratitude for Our Surrounding Region

…and hopefully recedes, we will carry on by modifying our approaches and procedures, where appropriate. We continue to operate our on-site testing center, while maintaining isolation and quarantine spaces for students in need. Our level of preparedness has allowed us to weather the recent omicron spike and Northland remains vigilant…

Wheeler Hall building on campus

Northland Graduates Class of 2020, Prepares for Future

…online recognition celebration, and we are presently envisioning an in-person commencement, once it has become safe for us to reassemble. As we close the 2019-20 academic year, my leadership team and I are already planning the future of Northland College. In the wake of social distancing and increased health vigilance,…