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veteran pins


…Wisconsin Veterans Veterans who are Wisconsin residents may also be eligible to participate in the Vet Ed reimbursement program offered through the state of WI Department of Veterans Affairs. The Wisconsin G.I. Bill Tuition Remission Program cannot be used at Northland. The V.A. School Certifying Official at Northland does not…

Glass of beer sitting next to Cabbie's Tap logo.

Ten-cent Taps, Lasting Romance & Ida's Special Sauce

…beer drinking kept me sane. Jerry Shea 1959 I was in Cabbie’s most Friday nights and even a few weekday evenings. My companions included such reprobates as Don Fouts, Bill Schorr, Jack Leitch, Jack Reardon, Jon Kaas, Jerry Thorne, and John Hall. None of us had much money so we…

aerial view of trees

Sit Simply, Get a New Perspective

Mentoring Urban Youth for Conservation Leadership

…more and work even harder to help people protect them,” she concluded. She never did rappel. “I don’t think she needed to that afternoon,” Coulson said. “There’s plenty of time for challenges. She reminded me, however, that maybe there can never be enough moments in our lives to simply sit…

Northland College alum Gabriela Boscio Santos canvassing for climate resiliency

Fighting for Climate Justice

Gabriela Boscio Santos '09

…regular reminders of their climate reality via hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Sandy, and the so-called “bomb cyclones” during a blizzard last winter. “The bomb cyclones really brought it home—they hit at high tide and we got flooded with seawater, in winter,” said Gabriela Boscio Santos ’09, climate program manager at…

Lake Superior and beach

Geologic Perspectives on Climate Change

…and bipartisan legislation that will reduce the burning of fossil fuels. Our local tribal leaders continue to offer their important voice, reminding us of the negative consequences of fossil fuel production on our water, land, and air. So the next time I look out across Chequamegon Bay to ponder our…

Travis Proctor

Fake News, Forgeries, & Frauds

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Travis Proctor's New Course

…Own Books, designed to help his readers distinguish true Galenic works from their fraudulent counterparts. This story about Galen reminds us of a couple things: first, the challenges we’re facing today regarding “fake news,” fraudulent websites, and forged documents are not new; they’ve been plaguing humanity for centuries. But perhaps…

Graduate riding a bike with no hands

Graduates, especially, be astounded by the wonder all around us

…full earth from 18,000 miles in space. It was a moment when millions collectively were reminded how beautiful and fragile our home is. It is one of the most reproduced images in history. Like beauty, the mysterious is also ever-present. There’s simply so much that we don’t understand. And yet…

Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Gifts You Bring the World

…Our word for the giveaway minidewak means “they give from the heart.” At its center lives the word min. Min is a root word for gift, but it is also the word for berry. In the poetry of our language, might speaking of minidewak, remind us to be as the…

Robin Wall Kimmerer at commencement

“We can’t just change light bulbs, we have to change hearts”

…stick with us for the rest of our lives.” She reminded everyone that they are in control of their lives, asking them to move forward with courage and purpose. “Follow your heart and your dreams; own that journey, own your happiness,” she said. “This life is yours to make of…

kids make soda bottle structure

A Highway, or Muddy Path, Shall Be There!

…our alumni. However, every day we must remind ourselves of the power that has been given to us through receiving a high quality liberal arts and sciences education, and never forget to pay it forward and pave the way for others. Max Metz graduated from Northland in 2010 with a…