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Pre-Health Care

At Northland, we prepare you for pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-physical therapy, and pre-physician assistant, as well as for general graduate school admission—if you decide to postpone pre-professional school or pursue another career path. Our strength is in maintaining a high quality of instruction, but also in encouraging you to think critically…

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Pre-Veterinary Medicine

…chemistry, or fisheries and wildlife ecology while taking courses that meet veterinary school admissions requirements. One particular major does not have an advantage over another for admission. This curriculum will also prepare you for general graduate school admission if you decide to postpone pre-professional school or pursue another career path….

Teachers received education award

Teaching Alums Receive Educator Awards

…an outstanding educator within the first three years of her or his professional career. Ron Cline, who graduated from Northland College in 1982 and teaches at Ashland Middle School, received the Pre-Service Educator Mentor Award, presented to an outstanding educator who has demonstrated a sustained pattern of mentoring pre-service educators…

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Northland College Recognizes Outstanding Educators

…as the keynote speaker. WACTE is a professional organization composed of the Wisconsin institutions that prepare individuals for teacher licensure. Our educator preparation programs offer diversity in size, focus, and delivery, but all are designed to prepare quality teachers for Wisconsin’s schools. WACTE is an affiliate of the American Association…

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2017 Alumni Awards Announced

…Jose, California. He graduated cum laude at the top of his class. He works with professional athletes from MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA, and the US Olympic team. He volunteers his time and skills for local sporting events and schools with low-income students. Matt will not be present but will be…

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Student Athlete Handbook

This guide offers an overview and links to some of the most important policies and rules related to student-athletes. However, it does not replace or supersede the official Northland College Handbook—which provides the complete text of all College policies—or actual UMAC, NCHA, WIAC and NCAA rules and regulations. This handbook…