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Northland student portaging canoe

Outdoor Education

Backpacker Magazine ranks Northland second in a list of the nation’s best colleges for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The reasons? Our proximity to trails, rivers, forests, Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands, our outdoor rec opportunities, student clubs, Outdoor Orientation, outdoor education major, and our passionate professors. In short, you will be working with…  Read More

Northland College alum Jason Luthy on a climb

Empowering Communities, Individuals

Outdoor Ed Alum Started Longleaf Wilderness Medicine

After Hurricane Katrina, the medical director of the Alabama Outward Bound School approached Jason Luthy ’06, who was working at the school, about developing a wilderness medicine training program to prepare coastal communities in how to respond during natural disasters, when emergency medical personnel are delayed. The two started Longleaf Wilderness Medicine as a way…  Read More

Student at poster session.

Welnetz: Science and the Back Country

For some, being stranded on Lake Superior in a boat with two broken motors is reasonable cause for alarm. However, for graduating senior Jordan Welnetz it was “just another day at the office” and a prime opportunity to enjoy the lake she loves. “We didn’t know what we were going to do,” Welnetz laughed. “It…  Read More

Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Gifts You Bring the World

Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Commencement Speech | May 23, 2015 Bozho Shaapodskae gizhkokwe ndezhnekas Anishinaabe Bodwewadmi kwe ndaw. Migize doodem, minwa mko ddodem. Migwech kine gego gamizhang. Let us begin with gratitude, for we are showered daily with the gifts of the Earth, the air of a sweet spring morning, pure water to drink, food from…  Read More

Northland College student participates in Eco League exchange program with Alaska Pacific University.

Off-campus Learning

You can expand your education by studying off campus through in-depth courses, EcoLeague, or a partner organization.