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Apostle Islands

External Scholarships

Many scholarships and grants are offered by private sources, therefore not administered by Northland. Here are some places to start.…  Read More

Couple in front of a Christmas tree

Property Gift to Provide Scholarships

Alumni Carol and Don Buckman donate property for scholarship As a freshman, Carol McLean met her future husband, Don Buckman, in the College print shop. Don worked downstairs in the copper shop. It was 1947. Don graduated in 1950; Carol in 1951. They married two years later in St. Paul. Carol worked at the University…  Read More …  Read More

Northland student sitting next to microscope


We recognize when you have outstanding academic, leadership, service, and extracurricular achievements.…  Read More

Art Faculty Ruth Lull

Ruth Lull Scholarship

Ruth Lull Scholarship Leaving a legacy. Ruth Lull arrived in the north woods from New York in 1987 when her husband Robert Parsonage became president of Northland College. Her transition from the art scene of the Big Apple to the rural aesthetic of the north came with an unexpected discovery; endless inspiration in the winter…  Read More

Where Sustainable Community Development Can Take You

Julie Fair & Adrian Diaz '16

Hometown: Maple Grove, Minnesota (Julia) and Waukegan, Illinois (Adrian) Current location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Major/Emphasis: Sustainable Community Development and Sociology ’16 (both of them) Experience/Internships while at Northland College: Both: Wendy and Malcolm McLean Intern at Compatible Technology International Julia: HECUA participant (NC’s first for many years) to Northern Ireland. Completed capstone work on the conflict…  Read More …  Read More

Northland College student Isa Meyer works with a display in the Native American Museum

Combining Forestry and Native American Studies

Isa Meyer grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, but her family spends a week every summer in northern Wisconsin. When she started her search for colleges, she knew two things: she wanted to study forestry and she wanted to stay in Wisconsin. She discovered Northland College during family day trips to Ashland. Drawn to Northland for…  Read More …  Read More

Northland College 1970s alumni

The Clan of the Tropicals

By Juan Hernández ’78 I arrived in Ashland in September 1974. It was fresh and cool and the colors entranced me. These temperatures were not alien to me because I hailed from the highlands of tropical Guatemala. English was no problem either because my school was fully structured following American norms and standards. I was…  Read More …  Read More

Northland College engineering student working on 3D printer

Enterprising Student Turns 3D Hobby into Business

Thomas Whiting attended Ashland High School, where he played basketball. The 6’8” Northland College senior had not considered Northland College in his hometown of Ashland until Coach Scott Sorensen approached him. “I’m glad he did,” Thomas said. “The academics are top-notch and the cost is cut down due to scholarships.” Thomas qualified for and received…  Read More …  Read More


If you apply for financial aid, you may be offered loans as part of your financial aid offer. We offer Direct Stafford, PLUS, and alternative loans. …  Read More

Graduates celebration at commencement

Consumer Information

We disclose information about the College ranging from athletic, academic, financial aid, security, graduation rates, and more. …  Read More