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Alumnus Karl ’04 oversees outdoor therapeutic program

Healing Through a Lense

…of northwestern Wisconsin and the Apostle Islands,” Lafrancois said. Running the core aspects of the program can be tricky: there’s water safety, camera operation, and the artistic elements of nature photography. “Ian is so adept at coaxing the kids into being open-minded explorers, overcoming their anxieties, and opening their minds…

Four Northland College students sit in a boat with survey equipment

The Life Aquatic of the Penokee Hills

Students Survey Fish Populations

…and improving the health of the lakes into the future. Mader approaches her first fykenet—a bag-shaped net, held open by hoops, used in aquatic research— of the day. Her three-person crew of Burke Center student researchers is pointing and looking at a bald eagle perched atop a white pine, its…

Students hiking on York.

7 Things to Do When You Visit Campus

…far, and how fast you want to go, choose your mode of transportation—kayak, sailboat, or paddleboard. 5-32 minutes from campus. Take in a show under a tent The Big Top Chautauqua is a canvas tent erected at the bottom of the Mt. Ashwabay—a ski hill in winter and home to…

Immerse Yourselves

…we don’t—and can’t—understand or control. Embracing the unknown, and opening yourself to mystery, will fill you with wonder and assure that you are never bored. Every day presents numerous opportunities to embrace mystery, and to step beyond what you know. I challenge you to take at least one of those…

Sigurd Olson Speeches

…something that we all can do. Roy Chapman Andrews said recently that we do not have to travel thousands of miles into the wilds of Tibet, that if we only develop the right attitude of mind we can find adventure right close to home. It is within our own capacities…

Northland sign

Visit Campus

…tapping on one of the dates! Shop ’til You Drop There are dozens of great places to spend your money while in the area. Some of our favorites are Honest Dog Books (owned by a Northland employee!), outdoor outfitters Solstice Outdoors and Howl Adventure Center, the gaming store Play Unplugged,…

Northland College alum Sarah Smyzniak

Lessons from Forest Lodge

…is always a new, exciting opportunity on the horizon. Our lives are filled with learning and I’m glad to have had such a large part in it. Sarah Szymaniak’s last day as site manager at Forest Lodge was November 15 and has taken a position with the city of Ashland….

recycled clothing

Outdoor Orientation: Gear Talk

Shop Early, Find the Deals

…cheap just by visiting yard or garage sales. Arriving into Ashland: • Forgot some gear. No problem. Stop at a few of our downtown stores for those last minute purchases. Moore’s Army Navy, Shoe Shack, or Solstice Outdoors have boots, packs, raingear, synthetic clothing, and more. • Shop at Bargain…