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Sigurd Olson Letters

…that the proposed new language in the bill was essential to a successful public meeting in Ely that became the turning point of the campaign in northern Minnesota. Ely, Minnesota Sept 27, 1957 Dear Zahnie: The meeting with the heads of Ely organizations went off extremely well. I had an…

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Directed Studies

A directed studies major or minor is available for students who have an unusual breadth of academic preparation, a high level of motivation and perseverance, and the ability to assume independence in undertaking their academic work. Directed studies majors and minors are designed by individual students in consultation with a…

Great lakes Initiative Madeline Island Ferry Dock

Great Lakes Islands Summit, Madeline Island Fellowship Project

…Max Paap, Glenn Carlson, Michael Collins, and Marina Lachecki. They held a community meeting on October 12 to start the discussion. A second community meeting was scheduled for October 26. Due to bad weather and ferry cancellations, the community meeting was canceled. As the steering committee worked to reschedule, it…

Education Major Danon Briggs


…of children and adolescents. We also give you an environmental background that so many schools are looking for today. In fact, over ninety-five percent of our education majors from the last five years are employed in the K-12 field. Join classmates and committed faculty who will get to know you…

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Northland Students Complete WWF Leadership Program

…annual Wisconsin Wildlife Federation meeting April 22 (Earth Day). Their resolution (below) passed. Resolution to Support Pollinator-friendly Solar Electricity Awareness and Production in Wisconsin (passed April 21, 2017) Whereas, Wisconsin is reliant on imported non-renewable sources of electricity which pollute the land, air, and water and negatively impact Wisconsin’s wildlife…

Glass of beer sitting next to Cabbie's Tap logo.

Ten-cent Taps, Lasting Romance & Ida's Special Sauce

…had tap beer for a dime. It was a lot of fun meeting others and dancing and not spending a lot of money. I remember scrambling to get back to the dorm by 10 p.m. because the girls had hours (the guys did not). Women wouldn’t stand for that anymore….

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Curious about what it means to be human? Then this one might be for you. You will focus on exploring the human condition through the ideas, artistic movements, religions, ideologies, and intellectual structures that humans use, and have used, to understand and give meaning to their world. At the heart…

Physics students with a scale


…to majors or advanced studies in biology, chemistry, meteorology, geology, and engineering. Related Physics minor coursework covers basic principles and scientific techniques of physics. It includes advanced instruction in atmospheric physics, thermodynamics, classical mechanics, and modern physics. As the broadest of the sciences, physics provides rigorous problem-solving training that is…

Student in courtroom


The American Bar Association, the American Association of Law Schools, and pre-law advising organizations agree that a solid liberal arts education is the best preparation for law school. Because of this, law schools accept students with a wide variety of majors and backgrounds. Your advisor will help you find a…

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Business Administration

You will have the opportunity to pursue two very different fields within business—business management and sustainable entrepreneurship. Both majors share a core of courses that provide you with a foundational understanding of economics, finance, management, marketing, and social responsibility. Business Management major In short, this major will prepare you for…