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Northland College Bee Friendly Campus

Northland College Becomes First Wisconsin Bee Campus

Working to Promote Native Bees and Pollinators

Northland College has become the first educational institution in Wisconsin to be certified as an affiliate of the Bee Campus USA program, designed to marshal the strengths of educational campuses for the benefit of pollinators. “Northland College has a strong environmental ethic and mission that we’re advancing and honing every day,” said Food Systems Manager…

Northland College Alumni


Hometown: Maple Grove, Minnesota (Julia) and Waukegan, Illinois (Adrian) Current location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Major/Emphasis: Sustainable Community Development and Sociology ’16 (both of them) Experience/Internships while at Northland College: Both: Wendy and Malcolm McLean Intern at Compatible Technology International Julia: HECUA participant (NC’s first for many years) to Northern Ireland. Completed capstone work on the conflict…

Great Lakes

Foxconn finds way to stick 7 million-gallon straw into Lake Michigan

Peter Annin says proposed diversion could be vulnerable to a legal challenge

Great Lakes states are so zealous about guarding their increasingly valuable natural resource from thirsty outsiders that all eight of the region’s governors had to sign off before an inland Wisconsin city was allowed to siphon water out of Lake Michigan. Less than a year after Waukesha secured permission to withdraw more than 7 million…


Billions Lost, Millions Wasted


Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation Co-Director Peter Annin is quoted in this Chicago Tribune investigative piece: “There is nothing more hypocritical than to put up a legal water fence around the region and then thumb your nose at water efficiency,” Annin said. To read the entire article.

Asian Carp

Chicago Tribune: They're voracious, nonnative and getting closer to the Great Lakes.

Latest Asian carp discovery is a cause for worry By Michael Hawthorne, Chicago Tribune A commercial fisherman pulled a live Asian carp out of a northern Illinois river last week about 9 miles from Lake Michigan, prompting a furious dragnet to determine whether more of the voracious fish have evaded electric barriers designed to keep…


Chicago Tribune: Under Trump budget, Great Lakes projects may sink

BY PETER ANNIN, Co-director of the Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation For the Chicago Tribune Has President Donald Trump drifted off-course in Great Lakes politics? The question comes from the news that Trump plans to slash Great Lakes improvement funding by 97 percent. According to a budget document obtained by the National Association of Clean Air Agencies,…

ADP: NC conservation project selected to receive grant

Sara m. Chase, Ashland Daily Press Northland College’s research project—Wild Madeline: Assessing the Wildlife Presence and Abundance of Madeline Island—was one of 30 applicants to receive grant funding from the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin through the 2016 C.D. Besadny Conservation Grant Program. Wild Madeline project lead and Northland College Professor Erik Olson said that…

ADP: White Paper calls for increased funding for Great Lakes Restoration

By Rick Olivo, Ashland Daily Press The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has received a great measure of bipartisan support since it was initiated in fiscal year 2010. From an initial funding of $475 million, the program has received an annual appropriation of $300 million in every year except fiscal year 2013, when many federal programs…

Stockton Island

Will Waukesha Get a Rewrite?

PETER ANNIN, Journal Sentinel In 1998, an Ontario consulting firm known as the Nova Group announced a controversial plan to ship 158 million gallons of azure Lake Superior water to Asia. The idea: create a global market for pristine Great Lakes water. To regional governors and premiers — who had spent years fighting to keep…

Paul Fleischman

Paul Fleischman: What I've Learned from Readers

On September 15, 2015, author Paul Fleischman accepted his Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award for his young adult book Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines. Before an audience of all ages, he gave the following acceptance speech.  “Writers learn as much from their books as readers do,” he began. . . . Researching…