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Gender and Women’s Studies

This is your chance to explore the significance of gender—as well as other categories of identity—in social structures around the world. Gender and women’s studies at Northland is distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature. You will be taking courses in biology, philosophy, history, religion, sociology, sustainable community development, and outdoor education—all…

Student leaning on a tree

Psychology and Social Sciences

…Northland College we’ve created a unique psychology major that fits with our mission. In addition to studying how and why people do what they do, our program helps you to focus on issues that are important to building a sustainable future such as the relationship between humans and nature, working…

Northland College alum Kayte Meola in warrior pose on mountain top.

Empowering Women in Developing Countries

Shout Louder, Try Harder, Never Give Up

Kayte Meola ‘90 is a sociologist, researcher, and educator focused on gender, agriculture, and natural resource management in international development. At Northland, she studied outdoor education with a focus on naturalist studies, then worked as a forest ranger, raft guide, wilderness and international community service trip leader, and environmental educator….

Northland College alum Julie Anderson poses with sculptures.

Exploring the Natural World through Sculpture

Julie Anderson '00 Owns and Operates Studio in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

…so by her undergraduate studies in biology, as well as botany, hydrology, chemistry, and ecology. What makes her sculptures so unusual are the manmade touches like buttons, zippers, and screws within organic forms, “alluding to man’s manipulation of nature.” Q. As a biology major, how did you get introduced to…