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Outdoor Orientation

…required to participate in a 5-day or 11-day OO experience. Transfer students arriving at Northland with more than 24 credits can choose to participate in either a one-day, transfer specific, on-campus orientation or participate in an orientation experience. You can see this year’s orientation schedule here. Our orientation program helps…

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Happy Birthday, Earth Day!

…act. What Nelson called “the biggest town meeting in the nation’s history” also turned many participants into dedicated volunteers and activists. I’m one example. Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. It has spread to nearly 200 countries and is being called the world’s largest secular day of celebration….

Privacy Policy

…can be viewed at http:// Cashnet or Blackboard Their Privacy Policy can be viewed at National Student Clearinghouse Their Privacy Policy can be viewed at Links to Other Sites Our Service may contain links to other sites that are not operated by us. If you click on a…

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The American Bar Association, the American Association of Law Schools, and pre-law advising organizations agree that a solid liberal arts education is the best preparation for law school. Because of this, law schools accept students with a wide variety of majors and backgrounds. Your advisor will help you find a…

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Outdoor Education

…Bound and NOLS, lead expeditions, direct summer camps, and run outdoor programs at schools, universities, cities, and military bases. course list Outdoor Program Management Adding to the core of outdoor education theory and practice, this emphasis will help you think about marketing, business plans, financing, and staffing. Graduates become sustainable…

This is how we do natural resources. Woman with fish.

Natural Resources

…Way more. A Northland College forestry degree will take you beyond conventional forestry to becoming a skilled leader and thinker in this field. The modern forester needs to be fluent in the biological, ecological, social, and economic worlds, to understand how trees and forested ecosystems work, and how forests interact…

Lake Superior and beach

Geologic Perspectives on Climate Change

…significant melting of ice on Greenland and Antarctica led to sea levels at least 20 vertical feet higher than present. Today, we are seeing the start of similar glacial melt and coastline change in response to modern warming. While fluctuations in climate have been a natural occurrence throughout Earth’s history,…

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7 Fun Facts About Earth Day

…1 out of every 10 Americans. 3. The media coverage of the first Earth Day is unparalleled. The Today Show focused on the environment for the entire week of April 20-24, 1970. ABC televised three prime-time environmental specials, and CBS’ Walter Cronkite broadcast, “Earth Day: A Question of Survival.” Even…