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Northland College campus aerial

Fall Festival

…’70 Bob Brevak ’70 Chris Dorn ’71 Ron Bushman ’71 Kerry Hill ’71 Johnnie Fisher ’72 Shelly Brevak ’72 David Bednarski ’73 Jim Quinn ’73 Michael Lagina ’74 Lee E Williams ’74 Robert Ferrara ’74 Chris Case ’74 Roland Barker ’75 Jacqueline Coghlan ’75 Terry Beirl ’75 John Tracy ’75…

Sig Olson's personal gear

Sigurd Olson Legacy

…is published; Sigurd becomes vice-president of the Wilderness Society. 1964 In July, sixty-five-year-old Sigurd embarks on his last major canoe expedition, a voyage from Lake Winnipeg to Hudson Bay along the Nelson and Hayes rivers. In September, President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Wilderness Act, establishing the National Wilderness Preservation…

Northland Volleyball student athlete

Student Athlete Handbook

…and/or the director of athletics, for resolution. Reporting: Activities believed to be hazing should be reported to the director of athletics or the vice president for student affairs. Process: When an allegation of hazing is made, the vice president for student affairs will review the investigation as conducted by Campus…

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Q&A with Helen Pent Jenkins, class of 2008

…was obvious. Northland was a great fit. TRAVIS: During your senior year you were the president of the Northland College Student Association. What skills did you acquire and what accomplishments were made while leading that organization? HELEN: Being NCSA President was one of the best things I did in college….

Northland College campus.

President Karl I. Solibakke

…the board of trustees for the $25M WAICU Health Benefits Consortium and, at the same time, as the inaugural chair of the board of trustees for the $75M WAICU Retirement Readiness Plan, the most sizeable higher education 403(b) plan in the United States. President Solibakke Biography History of Northland Presidents…

Malcolm McLean

A Force for Good

Northland’s second longest serving president Malcolm McLean, Northland’s second longest serving president, loved entertaining, evening cocktails, the PBS NewsHour, and Lake Superior fish for dinner. He remembered names and details about students and colleagues and made everyone feel included. He was a great conversationalist and a competitive tennis player. Malcolm…

Mary Trettin and Mike Miller, Northland College

President Miller Announces Retirement

Northland College President Michael A. Miller, 62, announced he will retire when his contract expires next year. His retirement will be effective June 30, 2018 “Serving as Northland’s 13th president for the past seven years has been an honor and goes down as my final and greatest professional accomplishment,” he…

Northland College alum Stuart Barnes Jamieson

Supporting the Next Generation of Non-Profits and Their Leaders

Stuart Barnes Jamieson '81

…today was my working relationship with President Malcolm McLean. I served one year as NCSA president, and one year as student representative to the Board of Trustees. In both of those roles, I met and talked regularly with President McLean about important campus-wide issues, and I believe that he saw…

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Six individuals named to Board of Trustees

Six individuals have been named to serve on the Northland College Board of Trustees. In April, Reverend Carla J. Bailey of Minneapolis, Minnesota; Mike Fiorio of Ashland, Wisconsin; Ned Hancock of Edina, Minnesota; and Ben Shepherd of Brooklyn, New York joined the board. In July, Bill Esposito of Locust Valley,…