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Wolf Ecology & Conservation Certification Weekend

August 19, 2022, 7:00 pmAugust 21, 2022, 12:00 pm

…surveying wolf pack territories. Participants will assist with wolf howling surveys and learn techniques in wolf tracking and radio telemetry. This workshop meets the ecology qualifications for DNR Volunteer Carnivore Tracker for winter wolf counts, Volunteer wolf howler to survey in summer, and the training for Timber Wolf Alliance Speakers…

Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator Jordyn O'Gara

O’Gara ’18 Named Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator

Wolf Awareness Week Events October 23, 25, 26

Wolf Awareness Week. The focus is on the Mexican gray wolf, a species that has returned from the brink of extinction and is now in its second decade of a recovery effort. “The wolf world can learn a lot from the story of the return of the Mexican wolf,” O’Gara…

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Learn About Wolves

…as well as to protect the eggs and young of ground and shrub-nesting birds. Teacher Resources TWA Wolf Database of Information Other Informative Websites International Wolf Center National Wolfwatcher Coalition Wolves of the Rockies Oregon Wild Wolf Education & Research Center Identification Behavior Breeding & Denning Habitat &…

Timber Wolf Alliance

…Michigan Wolf Folklore Wolf Communication and Pup Development Wolf Ecology, & Management Canids of Wisconsin Timber Wolf Alliance Science, outreach and education. In 1990, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson signed the proclamation of Wisconsin Wolf Awareness Week, a time to celebrate these important animals, by highlighting the threats to their survival,…

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TWA Responds to State Bill 602/AB712

…habitat—has the following concerns about this bill: 1) Discontinuing Wolf Population Data Gathering: Since the fall of 1979, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has continuously monitored the state’s wolf population. This longitudinal database has been essential for wolf conservation planning and management, including the establishment of wolf hunting and…


Timber Wolf Alliance Teacher Resources

…about any of the slides, please contact us. Other great websites with teaching materials: California Wolf Center International Wolf Center (fun facts) International Wolf Center (educator resources) Living with Wolves Voyageurs Wolf Project Wolf Conservation Center Wolves of Yellowstone (PBS Learning Media) Wolf Quest Timber Wolf Alliance Resources for teachers….

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Wolf Status Reports

Every one to three years (depending on region) state and federal agencies survey and monitor gray wolf populations. These reports summarize the best available information on the status of gray wolves in specific regions in the United States. Related Wolf Management Watch, record, report. Every one to three years (depending…

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Back from the Brink of Extinction

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction and Recovery

…success. The biggest concern in the 1982 Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan was how to recover a species with only a few remnant wolves in captivity. Mexican wolf recovery could not depend on natural recovery like the Great Lakes population, or reintroduction of wild wolves from other wild populations like Yellowstone…

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Tug of War Over Wolves

…in the past year and has one currently under review—three on wolves and one on Eurasian milfoil. He teaches wolf ecology and management courses, and is providing faculty support to the Timber Wolf Alliance. Olson’s interest took hold as an undergraduate at UW-Stevens Point where he learned an intriguing and…

Northland College student and wolf pup

Howling with Wolves

wolf folklore, wolf behavior, and wolves of North America. The International Wolf Center has a pack of wolves that are ambassadors to their wild counterparts and once every four years they integrate new wolves into the pack. The summer I worked was one of these years so I was a…