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Loon and baby on lake

Ethical Wildlife Photography

…help you do that. LoonWatch’s general rule of thumb for good loon etiquette is to keep a distance of two hundred feet from loons and loon chicks. Carefully watch the bird’s behavior. You will quickly learn to recognize signs of nervousness, and when you see those signs, you should slowly…

Loon airs its wings

Protect Loons

loon presence and survival. Dire though this looks, there are many action steps we can all take to help mitigate these issues such as shoreline restoration, use phosphorus-free products, watch and recreate at least 200 feet away from loons. Read on to learn more about what you can do to…

Loon and Baby


…region, such as Michigan and Minnesota. We also lend support to North American conservation efforts by working with loon conservation organizations across the United States and Canada. LoonWatch, its Advisory Council, and volunteers are all working toward common goals of loon conservation and protection. Are you a Loon Ranger? RSVP…

Phot0 by Brad Thompson. 2021 loonwatch winning photo of loon and chick.

Loon Appreciation Week and Poster

Held the first week of May, LoonWatch promotes loon education and conservation during Loon Appreciation Week by creating and distributing a new Loon Appreciation Week poster each year. Poster are available to the public for $7 each.  …

Northland Volleyball student athlete

Student Athlete Handbook

This guide offers an overview and links to some of the most important policies and rules related to student-athletes. However, it does not replace or supersede the official Northland College Handbook—which provides the complete text of all College policies—or actual UMAC, NCHA, WIAC and NCAA rules and regulations. This handbook…

Mother loon and her chick

Wisconsin Loon Population on the Rise

Results of the 2015 one-day Wisconsin Loon Population Survey

The Northland College Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute LoonWatch program announced today that Wisconsin loons are doing surprisingly well, according to the results of the 2015 one-day Wisconsin Loon Population Survey. According to the most recent results, the adult loon population is estimated at 4,350, an increase of 9.1 percent from…

Mike Meyer

Loon Researcher Mike Meyer Retires from WDNR

If you are a Loon Ranger, most likely you are familiar with the name Mike Meyer, who has been doing loon research for the last twenty-five years. If you are a very lucky Loon Ranger living in the northeast Wisconsin counties, you may have witnessed Mike and his crew band*…

Northland College sign

Research Oversight

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research studies to protect the rights of participants. The Northland College IRB requires that all investigators conducting research with human participants complete training with the National Institute of Health. If you have questions, please email the IRB….

Wolf laying down

Wolf Ecology and Conservation-certification Weekend

August 18, 7:00 pmAugust 20, 12:00 pm

…for the Timber Wolf Alliance’s Speakers Bureau. This workshop is open to any adult or student interested in wolves and experiencing them in the wild. Workshop fees include meals and all workshop materials. The program takes place at the Forest Lodge Educational Campus, a unique and historic estate nestled among…