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Sigurd Olson Speeches

…great deal about wilderness. The previous speakers on this program talked about it, and other program people have talked about it. The last few years, there has been so much talk about wilderness that we have become sort of drifting or swimming in a flow of words, and I wonder…

Students in Townhouse


We believe that life outside of the classroom is just as important as in. Which is why we strive to provide a healthy living environment where you can expand and grow as an individual. Living on campus lets you connect in a deeper way with the Northland community and imparts…

Northland College Baldwin Commons


…quality. But equally as important, eating regionally benefits the environment and supports the local economy. Working to promote a safe and healthy local food supply is a win-win situation for everyone. Our student-run campus garden, named Mino Aki—Ojibwa for good earth, provides fresh produce to our cafeteria too. The garden…

wolf laying down

Learn About Wolves

…the prey population is kept at a lower level and there is more food for the healthy animals to eat. Such “culling” also ensures that the animals which reproduce most often are healthy and well suited for their environment. Over many generations, this selection helps the prey become better adapted…

Forest Lodge Woods

Mamie Parker: On Fishing Not Kissing

talk to about those things that help me get beyond some of those challenges. Q. You have worked your way up through the ranks of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Talk about that process. A. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has worked hard to try to make people…

Sigurd F. Olson Journal Entries

…what you can do well and leave the rest for the other fellow. One cannot be proficient in more than one thing. At least it has given me respect for what I can do better than others and that is to talk. If I can talk then I can write….

Journal Entries Singing Wilderness

…interests, and he began opening up intellectually to his son as well. The three even started a joint collection of classical music recordings. (At the time, Sigurd especially enjoyed clarinette quintettes.) At some point in 1953, possibly during Yvonne’s visit in January, Sigurd talked about his own writing. Yvonne had…

Adrian Wydeven

Wolf Biologist Adrian Wydeven to Head Timber Wolf Alliance

…Wolf Center magazine later this fall. Wydeven says he hopes to raise the prominence of TWA in promoting good science regarding wolves and sound conservation practices. “TWA has always had strong working relationships with both the Wisconsin and Michigan DNRs,” he said. “I hope to continue those relationships and to…

Aerial shot of Ashland and Chequamegon Bay

Rural America: A Living Laboratory

Center for Rural Communities Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide

…warehouse for the region,” he said. He hopes the center will provide support for faculty research, real-world experiences for students, and build collaborative relationships between the College and surrounding communities. Partnerships The CRC is working on a number of projects and collaborations with the College’s Mary Griggs Burke Center for…

Northland College graduation cap decorated with solar panels

A Future in Solar

Loucks '18 to hold first paid sustainability internship for City of Ashland

…during my time at Northland is that I didn’t take advantage of the absolute wealth of knowledge of the faculty and staff in this place. Talk to your teachers after class. Develop relationships with them. Volunteer for their projects. Ask them to edit papers and for career advice. Talk to…