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Fall Festival

Day – Tent Rental 2 Days – Tent Rental 3 Days – Tent Rental 4 Days – Tent Rental 5 Days – Tent Rental Tent Rental is $5/day. How Many Tents? Sleeping Bag Rental – How Many Days? I don’t need a bag 1 Day – Bag Rental 2 Days…

Outdoor Orientation

…should attend a session 1 trip.. Additionally, you need and want to check with your coach if you are interested in a 11-day experience. Session 2 (FULL): Arrival Day: August 26 August 29-September 1 (5-day) Open to all students however, students enrolled in Superior Connections must attend this session. This…

Northland College Dexter Library


…completing assignments for each lecture session and 1 hour for the lab session. May-term Classes 3-credit lecture/seminar course: This course meets for four, 145-minute class sessions each week during the 4-week term and students are expected to spend approximately 6 hours preparing or completing assignments for each class meeting. 3-credit…

Earth Day badge over night sky

Happy Birthday, Earth Day!

…act. What Nelson called “the biggest town meeting in the nation’s history” also turned many participants into dedicated volunteers and activists. I’m one example. Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. It has spread to nearly 200 countries and is being called the world’s largest secular day of celebration….

Sigurd F. Olson Journal Entries

…a fringe of hazel and willow banked against a skyline of pointed spruce tops and tamarack. I do not need any pictures, my two windows are enough. The best part of it is that my pictures vary from day to day. Now they are part of a snow scene, tomorrow…

Earth Day fern

7 Fun Facts About Earth Day

…date for Earth Day was selected as the most convenient for students. 2. Earth Day blew organizers’ expectations out of the water. The initial plans called for 40 events. But the call to action generated over 12,000 events—300 times more than anticipated—involving 35,000 speakers and engaging about 20 million Americans—about…

Sigurd Olson Speeches

…on the wall. The Superior National Forest is doomed unless drastic measures are taken at once. Last session of Congress the Shipstead Newton bill was introduced, amended, and dropped until this session. Now, as the Shipstead Nolan Bill, it is again proposed to introduce it without the qualifying amendment, as…

Northland College student with journal

296 miles on the Superior Hiking Trail

Jane Dahlgren Hikes Solo for May Term

days, for an average of fourteen miles per day, journal about her experiences, and present to Russell’s classroom the following fall. In exchange, she would receive four credits. While Russell encouraged her to train and to break in her boots, she didn’t train and she walked in her boots around…

Study Abroad

Off-Campus Study

…fall term and once during the winter term. Applications will be accepted only during these times. Fall term applications will be accepted from September 15 through October 15 with applicants notified no later than November 1. Winter term applications will be accepted from January 15 – February 15 with applicants…

Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Gifts You Bring the World

…(as if a college education, and lifelong love and support were not enough). But what I want to think of today, are not the gifts that the world brings to you, but the gifts you bring to the world. In Anishinaabe traditions, the direction of gift giving on a day