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10 Most Memorable Blizzards


…more than a foot of snow. November 26-27 • Twenty inches of snow. “2001 was such an epic snow year! I swear we got like four feet in twenty-four hours.” —Kari Molter ’03 March 13-14, 2006 • Thundersnow enhanced a late-season blizzard that dropped twenty-seven inches of snow. “I had…

Sigurd Olson Articles

Some of these articles were published in 1951 in North Country Magazine. Sigurd also wrote a couple of hundred short sketches for newspapers; he wrote a few between 1937 and 1939, but most were from 1940 to 1943, and were syndicated to a number of newspapers, mostly in the Midwest….

Let’s Make Snow Snakes!

January 23, 5:00 pm8:00 pm

Winter is both a great time to get outside and have some fun in the snow and be indoors making something useful. Here’s your chance to do both! Come join us and learn more about Indigenous winter games such as Snow Snake. You can also learn how to make and…

Northland College 1970s alumni

The Clan of the Tropicals

…all bundled up, as we never had before and ran out screaming, “Yes! This is it! This is snow!” Riaz and I embraced each other and sort of danced under the falling flakes. We had finally met snow. Juan Hernández works as a researcher at Universidad de San Carlos de…

Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Gifts You Bring the World

…her gifts piled high. Blankets of moss, robes of feathers, baskets of corn and vials of healing herbs. Spotted trout, agate beaches, sand dunes. Thunderheads and snow drifts, cords of wood and herds of elk. Tulips. Potatoes. Luna moths and snow geese. More than anything, I want to hear a…

Glass of beer sitting next to Cabbie's Tap logo.

Ten-cent Taps, Lasting Romance & Ida's Special Sauce

…name a few that eventually became wedded couples. On my twenty-first birthday, we had a horrible snowstorm and campus was closed. When my mother tried calling to wish me “Happy Birthday,” she eventually reached me at Cabbie’s–celebrating. Judy and Jim Francois 1959 Both Jim and I have memories of Cabbie’s….

SONWA winning books

SONWA Winners 1991-Present

Nature Books for Adults and Children

…2,800-mile journey from their winter feeding grounds to their summer calving grounds. For five months, Heuer and his wife traveled an uncharted course on foot over mountains, through snow, and across frozen rivers, with only three semi-scheduled food drops for support. • 2006 Children. The Birdman, author Veronika Martenova Charles…

Northland College student with journal

296 miles on the Superior Hiking Trail

Jane Dahlgren Hikes Solo for May Term

…containing a hefty, hard-backed 8-1/2 x 11 journal, disposable camera, digital camera, a guide book for the Superior Hiking Trail plus gear, food, and clothing. Plus one item her mom had requested: bear spray, for protection. There was snow on the ground and trees had not been cleared. The first…


SA: Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns?

By Jeremy Adam Smith, Scientific American Since the 2008 election of President Obama, the number of firearms manufactured in the U.S. has tripled, while imports have doubled. This doesn’t mean more households have guns than ever before—that percentage has stayed fairly steady for decades. Rather, more guns are being stockpiled…