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Northland student research

Research Showcase

Seth W. Davenport, Tyrease “TJ” James, and Dr. Jonathan G. Marti

Alec Drakenberg

Meet the Beast: Alec Z. Drachenberg

…I only ran cross country during my junior year of high school, and I ran junior varsity. By this point, running had become my Achilles heel in triathlons. My biking and swimming were what made me competitive. Fast-forward to the summer of my high school senior year. I am talking…

Honors Day poster session in Ponzio 2022

Honors Day

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research studies to protect the rights of participants. The Northland College IRB requires that all investigators conducting research with human participants complete training with the National Institute of Health. If you have questions, please email the IRB….

Ethiopian girl stretches before running (Girls Gotta Run Foundation)

If You Give a Girl a Pair of Sneakers . . . .

Dr. Patricia E. Ortman '71 Creates Girls Gotta Run Foundation

…and landed one of the only teaching positions in the entire metro area—in the middle of a school year when a teacher abruptly quit at a high school in Charles County, Maryland, “a relatively new school that had been built to replace and combine the two segregated high schools in…

Setting the table at the Farmers Union Dinner

Room for More at the Table

Reflections on the Universal Power of a Shared Meal

…everyone within our food system that works tirelessly to provide high-quality foods to us. As a member of an extended, and notably activist, farming family, the importance of a shared meal was impressed on me at an early age. The table, and in my experience, the farm table, has long…

Leaves on a tree

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