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Loon and baby on lake

Ethical Wildlife Photography

…better shot. If you approach a loon nest, at first, the loon may raise its head in an alerted position to better view the disturbance. A loon’s first defense is to remain inconspicuous. If you continue to approach the nest, the loon will put its head down to the water…

Sigurd Olson Articles

Some of these articles were published in 1951 in North Country Magazine. Sigurd also wrote a couple of hundred short sketches for newspapers; he wrote a few between 1937 and 1939, but most were from 1940 to 1943, and were syndicated to a number of newspapers, mostly in the Midwest….

Mexican gray wolf movie still

Back from the Brink of Extinction

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction and Recovery

…in the wild by experienced packs and have not displayed the nuisance behavior or vulnerability to human-caused mortality that plagued earlier releases of captive adults. In addition, three of the eight cross-fostered pups released in 2014 and 2016 have bred and produced pups in the wild. An additional twelve cross-fostered…

Alec Drakenberg

Meet the Beast: Alec Z. Drachenberg

…with friends, and the cross country team occasionally addresses me as the “NC Beast.” At my first college cross country meet, multiple people actually yelled “GO BEAST!” I love my team. Q. I hear you’ve progressed to second runner in a few short months: Have you always been a runner?…

Wheeler Hall 2016

Message to the Community: budget updates

…reduce faculty and staff reductions from 7.5% to 4.5%. Two trustees stepped forward to sponsor men’s and women’s cross country and to reinstate Coach Peter Macky and cross country as an intercollegiate sport. Coach Macky has agreed to return. The trustees pledged $29,000 to cover expenses. This sponsorship will be…