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The Impossible Burger Won’t Save Us

The Impossible Burger, a non-animal burger gaining popularity, is being marketed as the solution to saving the planet. How? Persuade people to stop eating beef, double production annually, win over consumers with an ‘equivalent’ and cheaper product, and eliminate animal agriculture by 2035. Despite this lofty goal, Impossible is on track—Impossible Whoppers are available at…

Harvest Trail tickets

A Meal to Celebrate Seasonal Abundance

Harvest Trail Dinner Scheduled for Friday

A harvest trail meal is a celebration of seasonal abundance and a way to embrace sustainable, open, and vibrant food systems that improve the overall health of communities, according to Danny Simpson, assistant manager of the Hulings Rice Food Center. And it is in this spirit that Simpson and his colleagues will be whipping up…

Danny Simpson in the campus gardens

The Future of Food is Here

This weekend I picked up environmental journalist Amanda Little’s new book, The Fate of Food: What We’ll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World. She details the difficult decisions we in the food world are grappling with regarding food access and sustainability in the face of climate change. Little traveled the world meeting people at…