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Great lakes Initiative Madeline Island Ferry Dock

Great Lakes Islands Summit, Madeline Island Fellowship Project

…shared problems and possible solutions. The work to organize and launch a Great Lakes Islands Initiative is currently supported by the Northland College Center for Rural Communities, the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes, the Island Institute of Maine, and community members from Great Lakes islands. An Island Fellowship program…

Summit Biographies

…National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaption Strategy; the Bi-National Program to Restore and Protect Lake Superior; the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration; the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative; the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; and the Joint Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries. Lynn Broaddus Lynn launched Broadview Collaborative,…

Sigurd Olson Speeches

great wilderness area of its kind on the continent. Nowhere else can such beautiful lakes be found. Nowhere else can you find them close together enough to make what is known as a canoe country, and nowhere else is there so much beauty concentrated in one spot as here. It…

Northland College staff working in stream

Researchers Create Model for the Great Lakes

…“The idea is to protect what we have and restore what we can—and keep in mind that wetland restoration has an economic side,” Cooper said. The annual value of Great Lakes fisheries is estimated at $7 billion and a majority of Great Lakes fish species use coastal wetlands at some…

apostle Island Devils Caves

Apostle Islands Stewardship Symposium

…Apostle Islands Ted Gostomski, NPS Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network Past, Present, and Future of Piping Plovers in the Apostle Islands Sumner Matteson, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Amphibians of the Apostle Islands Gary Casper, Great Lakes Ecological Services New Insights into the Dynamics of Apostle Islands Carnivore Communities…

Loon Swimming

About Loons

…on lakes of all different shapes, but generally a lake with an irregular shoreline is best. Lakes with an abundance of peninsulas, protected coves, and islands can often support more than one pair of nesting loons. Loons live on lakes with varying pH levels, but lakes with a pH of…

Image of Flooding Globe and Mail

What did we learn from 2017’s floods in Quebec and Ontario?

Inside the politics of water

…on other Great Lakes broke records and made flooding unavoidable. “These waters have humiliated officials who have tried to harness and manipulate them for hundreds of years,” said Peter Annin, author of The Great Lakes Water Wars and [co-director of the Northland College Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation]. “In years…

Northland College student collects data for bat research

Monitoring Bats by Sound

The Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network Employs Students for Bat Research

For the past three summers, Northland students have helped to monitor bat populations on National Park Service properties throughout the Great Lakes region. Acoustic bat detectors—designed to record ultrasonic bat calls—are placed at a multitude of predetermined locations each year. The Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network, a division of…

Northland College student looking through magnifying glass

Apostle Islands Detectives

Do natural occurring fires help or hurt vegetation in the Apostle Islands?

The Great Lakes Regional Office of the National Park Service came to professors Sarah Johnson and Jonathan Martin to help answer a question: Do natural occurring fires help or hurt vegetation, specifically Canada yew, in the Apostle Islands? Johnson, assistant professor of natural resources, has been conducting vegetative research in…