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Northland College Professor Joe Rose Sr.

Distinguished Service

Honoring Gary and Kay LaPean and Joe Rose Sr.

…Institute Saturday, Sept. 26 at 5:30 p.m. Gary and Kay LaPean will receive the Distinguished Service Award, which honors friends, alumni, staff, and faculty for their outstanding professional and exceptional service to Northland College, said Alumni Director Jackie Moore. Gary LaPean is a former College trustee and an active volunteer…

SONWA winning books

SONWA Winners 1991-Present

Nature Books for Adults and Children

…learn what they can do to protect species in their own communities while full-color, realistic illustrations bring turtles and ecosystems to life in glorious, vivid detail. • 2014. The Carry Home: Lessons from the American Wilderness, Gary Ferguson. Ferguson’s journey to fulfill his wife’s dying wish to scatter her ashes…

Gary Ferguson

Wolf Awareness Week Focuses on Yellowstone Wolves

Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award to be presented In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction project, the Timber Wolf Alliance at Northland College is bringing Yellowstone’s lead biologist Doug Smith and award-winning author Gary Ferguson, pictured above, as the keynote speakers for Wolf Awareness Week….

wolf art

Wolf Conservation in America’s National Parks

…to Yellowstone in 1995. But when they did, it was with rigor, thoughtfulness, and to great success with the help of many partners. As told by wolf project leader Dr. Douglas W. Smith and co-author Gary Ferguson in their book, Decade of the Wolf, the forty-one wolves released into Yellowstone…

Gary Ferguson

2014 SONWA Winners Announced

…Sigurd F. Olson by recognizing and encouraging contemporary writers who seek to carry on his tradition of nature writing. Organizers expanded the award to include children’s literature in 2004. This year marks the first to honor young adult. The winners include: adult author Gary Ferguson, pictured above, for The Carry…

Graduate riding a bike with no hands

Graduates, especially, be astounded by the wonder all around us

…are aware with our entire beings rather than our senses.” Sig’s experience demonstrates that wonder has multiple insights. Author Gary Ferguson studied more than 1,000 nature myths from around the globe, spanning centuries. He found that nearly every tale had at least one of three intangibles that people considered essential…

wolf in winter

Great Lakes Wolf Symposium

…Michigan Aerospace Corporation Clay Wilton, Bill Parsons, Mellissa Starking, Gary Roloff, Jerrold Belant 4:45 CONCLUSION 9:00 Introductions and Notes for the Day WOLVES IN THE GREAT LAKES REGION 9:10 An Update on the Wolves of Minnesota John Erb/Dan Stark, MN Department of Natural Resources 9:30 An Update on Wolf Management…

apostle Island Devils Caves

Apostle Islands Stewardship Symposium

…Apostle Islands Ted Gostomski, NPS Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network Past, Present, and Future of Piping Plovers in the Apostle Islands Sumner Matteson, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Amphibians of the Apostle Islands Gary Casper, Great Lakes Ecological Services New Insights into the Dynamics of Apostle Islands Carnivore Communities…

Sigurd Olson Speeches

Sigurd F. Olson Speeches Preserving the legacy. Sigurd wrote the following sometime in 1929, during the debate over a bill that would forbid altering water levels and would ban shoreline logging on federal land in the canoe country of Superior National Forest. The Shipstead-Nolan Act was signed into law by…

Northland College student tries skijoring.

Reading, Writing, and Adventuring

Writing and Inquiry Experiences the Outdoors

Writing and Inquiry Experiences the Outdoors Instructor Gina Kirsten‘s Writing and Inquiry class have been taking Thursday adventures tied into their reading and writing. Last week, students read a chapter from Gary Paulsen’s Winterdance and took a tour of the developing ski trail on campus via dog power—with assistance from…