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COVID-19 Archive

…your participation in keeping our campus safe. Sincerely, Melissa Harvey Dean of Students Posted: August 12, 2020 Campus Reopening Plan & FAQ Dear Students, As we prepare to welcome you back to campus over the next few weeks and the College is transformed into a vibrant learning community, please know…

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Northwoods Community Survey

…chosen to be part of this project? How were respondents chosen to participate? What is/are the incentives used in this survey questionnaire, and how are winners chosen? Will my information remain confidential? Is my participation in this survey voluntary? How long will the survey take to complete? Project Funding FAQ

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Quality of Life Database

…selected? Will they remain the same? What is/are the units of analysis? Why do we include county level data? How do we define rural community? How do I cite data found in one of the CRC data visualizations? Can I download data visualizations from the CRC website? Project Funding FAQ

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Get Involved

…lakes are an important component of the loon’s breeding habitat, and research by the Wisconsin DNR has found that these areas are under the greatest pressure from development and recreational use. Loon Ranger FAQ Loon Ranger Sign Up Annual Lake Monitoring Forms Wisconsin Loon Population Survey Monitoring & Population Reports…