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Sigurd Olson Speeches

…are really fighting to preserve. Not all look to the wilderness for spiritual sustenance. Some seem to get along very well without it, finding their values in different ways. Others must know wilderness at first hand, must experience it physically, as well as spiritually. There is a great diversity in…

Snowflake Christmas ornament

CUUF: Teachers of Joy

December 5, 10:00 am11:30 am

The Chequamegon Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (CUUF) will have a service online via Zoom where CUUF Minister Stacy Craig will deliver the message titled “Teachers of Joy.” At this service, we’ll take time to reflect on the common and extraordinary experience of joy bursting out and how to be with it…

Northland College Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion David Saetre

A Spirit of Imagination

How Northland Faced the 1918 Pandemic

…to fear while we live through the uncertainties of the day—a spirit of a beloved community; a spirit of imagination and innovation; a spirit of connection to one another, the northland, and all its creatures; the spirit of belonging, grounded in love and compassion. Spirit enough to bear our reality….

Paulette Moore with her camera

Free Speech TV Premieres Moore’s Doc

Free Speech TV (FSTV), a nonprofit, national, independent news network, announces the premiere of Paulette Moore’s, The Spirit of Standing Rock, Wednesday, February 15 at 7 p.m. CST. Free Speech TV will host a Facebook Live interview event with the filmmaker immediately following the broadcast at 7:30 pm CST. The…

Photo from Standing Rock

Advocacy & Public Discourse

…to protect the spirit of objectivity in order to provide a trusted, impartial institution that can gather and convene scholars, community members, and public and private leaders as we examine the complex dimensions of a given problem. In so doing, Northland College allows space for respectful, civil disagreement as our…

Kids reading outdoors

Nature Based Reading

Listening to a story is a creative pastime—an ancient tradition of the human spirit—that adds to the value of a person’s life and can influence how they care for themselves and the Earth. Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Youth Programs value creative endeavors connected with nature and youth. We have created…

Northland College senior at powwow

Powwow to Spotlight Proclamation, New Dances

…and honor given to gender-fluid Two-Spirit People, an ancient theme seen in different Indigenous cultures across the continent. As its name implies, the Switch Dance has both genders trade movements, a challenge when Men’s and Women’s traditional dancing are particularly distinct. The Switch Dance also serves to highlight the historic…

Paulette Moore with her camera

Moore Takes Standing Rock Doc on 3-City East Coast Tour

Northland College Filmmaker in Residence Paulette Moore will be screening and discussing The Spirit of Standing Rock, her documentary featuring activists known as Water Protectors, this week in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, and Buffalo, New York Water Protectors have stood with Standing Rock Sioux leaders in North Dakota to defend…

Northland College student Isa Meyer works with a display in the Native American Museum

Combining Forestry and Native American Studies

…become an ongoing project of discovery about the origins and meaning of the dolls. Carved from the driftwood of the cottonwood tree, each of the dolls “represents a specific Kachina spirit, of which there are several hundred. The word Kachina also refers to a person who transforms into a Kachina…

Q & A With Robin Wall Kimmerer

…a gathering of traditional plant elders and it was a pivot point for me. In listening to them, to their holistic perspective, which was simultaneously spiritual and physical, it re-awakened the desire to embrace both of these ways of knowing. I’ve been blessed by having good teachers along my path,…