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Northland student portaging canoe

Outdoor Education

…Create outdoor experiences that are inclusive, empowering, and therapeutic. Design programs that use the outdoors to bridge perceived differences between people. Our graduates go on to lead outdoor programs for urban or underserved populations, schools, at-risk youth, people with different physical abilities, and people who are seeking solace, renewal, or…

Northland student research

Research Showcase

Seth W. Davenport, Tyrease “TJ” James, and Dr. Jonathan G. Marti

Fostering the Next Generation of Stewards

…physical well-being as well as their emotional health. Studies support the value of outdoor experiences in the development of the whole child. REGISTER NOW. A very large percentage of young people spend less time outside than did children of their parents’ generation. What’s more, people born after 1995 are considered…

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Madeline Jarvis Is Creating the Friendliest Library in the World.

…development because I want to help communities thrive. In this era where a lot of feel people discouraged, it’s nice to have a third space where people feel safe, no matter their background. Our library is not a quiet place like an academic library — it’s the center of our…

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…campus, you will be prepared for careers in the humanities, publishing, ministry, writing, public relations, public administration, non-profit work, journalism, politics, government, and diplomatic service. You will also be ready for graduate study in law, journalism, English, history, religious studies, international relations, seminary, government and diplomacy, cultural studies, and humanities….

Northland College teaching students talk with Washburn fifth graders

For Lucas, Elementary Ed Provides Pathway to Greater Good

Harrison Lucas '17

…see how big of an impact he’s made within the community and people coming back are always saying, “Oh, your dad really helped me out. Listen to what he has to say. He’s a great guy.” And it made me want to follow in his footsteps and do the things…