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Two people talk to each other while wearing a KN-95 and surgical mask in front of Wheeler Hall.

COVID-19 Campus Plan

Related COVID-19 Expectations and Policies Northland College has adopted additional policies and expectations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These expectations are designed to keep our campus community as safe and healthy as possible. In addition to standard campus policies, we require that all members of our campus community abide…

Northland College Ponzio Campus Center in Fall

Clery COVID-19 Compliance Notification

Healthy and Safety Statement

…via emails, social media alerts, and a College COVID-19 central web page dedicated to our response to COVID-19. We continue to work in concert with the guidance and response efforts of the federal government, the state of Wisconsin and local authorities. This one-time communication provides the required warning related to…

Northland Town Hall

…and clubs/organizations. Such success in maintaining an in-person campus existence has been built on a foundation of collaboration from the very start. We all learned quickly that the new, unfamiliar, and uncertain challenges of COVID-19 were best addressed through collaboration across campus constituencies. For example, the shift in the academic…

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College

Presidential Forum

November 2, 2021, 7:00 pm9:00 pm

Join President Solibakke and the NCSA Co-Presidents for an honest discussion about their presidential duties on campus (students only). President Solibakke will address questions related to topics such as administration, the Board of Trustees, vacant positions at Northland, sustainability, campus accessibility, and communication between administration, NCSA, and the student body….

Honors Day poster session in Ponzio 2022

Honors Day

…received an award are asked to take part in a group photo. The list of award winners will be published on this page. If you’ve been recognized, you will also receive individual communication from a faculty member in your department, and a packet including more information about the recognition you’ve…

Lake Namakogan


…effectively cope with the experiences of living, growing, and learning at Northland. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, appointments are strongly encouraged. Appointments can be made for in-person counseling or for tele-counseling with your computer or mobile device. In-person sessions require a face covering. If you prefer tele-counseling, the counselor…

Timber Wolf Alliance

…wolf population within areas of suitable habitat, and promote human coexistence with emphasis on Michigan and Wisconsin. Timber Wolf Programs Schedule a program to come to your library, fair, club, or event. Virtual programs are available to meet COVID-19 guidelines. Learn more about programs topics: Wolves of Wisconsin Wolves of…

Northland College Campus

Northland Remains Vigilant

Presidential Update

Karl Ivan Solibakke, President Ashland Daily Press Presidential Update As Northland College continues to negotiate the perils of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have pledged to update the community on the status of our campus. Accordingly, I took the opportunity to report to the Ashland City Council earlier this month, and…

Wheeler Hall building on campus

Northland Graduates Class of 2020, Prepares for Future

…financial and facilities infrastructures; reaffirming our vibrant mission around environmental responsibility and community sustainability; and strengthening the enrollment in our academically rigorous degree programs. The first six months of my presidency saw the world transformed by COVID-19 and the College community adapted quickly. I have partnered with our deeply committed…

Sarah Szymaniak

Hitting the Ground Running

Sarah Szymaniak '17

…about COVID-19, how to keep volunteers and voters safe, and in time for the April spring election. “I went into risk management mode,” she said. Hand sanitizer had vanished, masks non-existent, and so she went looking and with the help of the Ashland Police Department was able to order masks…