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Tracking canines in snow

Volunteer Carnivore Tracking Training and Refresher

November 4, 9:00 am3:30 pm

…Participants will be provided with a tracker’s notebook. Lunch will also be provided. This workshop completes the second training for the DNR Volunteer Carnivore Tracker for winter wolf counts and the training for the TWA Speakers Bureau. This event is open to the public. Registration for this event has closed….

Wolf laying down

Wolf Ecology and Conservation-certification Weekend

August 18, 7:00 pmAugust 20, 12:00 pm

…wolf pack territories. Participants will assist with wolf howling surveys and learn techniques in wolf tracking and radio telemetry. This workshop meets the ecology qualifications for being a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources volunteer carnivore tracker for winter wolf counts, volunteer wolf howler to survey in summer, and the training

Timber Wolf Alliance

…Michigan and Wisconsin. The Timber Wolf Alliance is committed to investigating the facts and relies on research to dispel myths and unfounded fears associated with wolves. TWA provides training in wolf biology and ecology, develops and disseminates educational materials on wolves, and supports volunteers to help with wolf monitoring efforts….

wolf laying down

Learn About Wolves

This section is a great place to begin learning all about wolves. Information in this section will start with the basics of wolves around the world and carry you through more advanced publications.

FinalGreat Lakes Science for Parks Symposium 2023 Booklet

…-Briana Gross – Hybridization between a rare arctic relict and its invasive congener on Lake Superior’s north shore -Sarah Johnson – Plants on the edge: tracking rare range-edge coastal species in two Lake Superior archipelagos -Noel Pavlovic – Three decades of dune vegetation change among three Great Lakes national parks…