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Northland College student levitating using photography tricks.

Fools Photography

Adjunct Photography Professor Bob Gross had a little pre-April Fools fun in his Digital Photography classroom yesterday. Students learn about exposure settings, lighting basics, photoshop techniques, “and how to bend the rules of time and space with your mind,” he said….

Tom Fitz looking at rock

The Penokees are a Geologic Gem

…simply present in the region’s geology. He even once collaborated with photographer Bob Gross on an artistic photo series inspired by the rocks of the Penokees. Taken with how vividly the Penokee geology illustrates the history of Earth, Fitz said, “it is also beautiful in itself, just to see it.”…

Northland students in canoes

Read. Write. Paddle.

…Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for two weeks on the trail, where they read, write, discuss, paddle, and portage. Photographer Bob Gross captured the 2015 Pens and Paddles class as they departed, then caught up with them upon their return. They agreed to share a page of their journal with us….

Image of water

Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation

…center, running the center’s social media, and assisting Bob Gross, director of visual media, in video projects. “I’m most excited to learn more about videography. My writing and reporting experience is in print journalism, so I have a lot to learn about taking good photos and shooting good videos.” James…

ASHLAND, WI #blacklivesmatter Protest

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Faculty Recommended Reading List

Ashland, Wisconsin, June 6 protests. Image by Bob Gross. Faculty Recommended Reading List Dear Community, Northland College was founded on principles of equality and inclusion. As an institution of higher learning, we are unequivocal that Black lives matter and that the work of justice requires that we continue to confront…